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  • 28 June 2004 09:39

Zultys announces scalable redundancy solution for MX250 IP PBX

Sydney, Australia, 28 June 2004 – Zultys Technologies today announced MXcluster, a new enhancement for the MX250 Enterprise Media Exchange. The MX250 is a premier IP-PBX with integrated call handling, voice mail, gateways, presence server, and instant messaging server for up to 250 users. MXcluster makes it possible for companies to seamlessly scale the MX250 solution to 500, 750, or 1000 users with full hardware redundancy. The cluster appears to users and administrators as a single system with a single IP address.

The MX250s that will form part of the MXcluster are co-located and are easily joined through the administrator’s graphical user interface. Thereafter, the MXcluster has a single IP address, a single data base for all of the users, and continues to be managed with the same user interface. Importantly, there is no charge for this function, allowing the customer to expand as required.

MXcluster provides redundancy by adding another MX250 as a standby unit. The standby MX250 can support one, two, three, or four active MX250s in an N+1 configuration and automatically takes over the operation of a failed MX250 within the same cluster. Operation of the MXcluster is continuous, with the standby MX250 taking over for the previously active MX250 without intervention from the system administrator.

To support redundant configurations, Zultys is introducing the XRS12, a metallic relay switch that mounts in a 19” rack and occupies 1 RU of rack space. The XRS12 connects the PSTN circuits of each MX250 to the service providers. If an individual MX250 fails, the XRS12 automatically switches the PSTN circuit connections from the failed MX250 to the standby MX250. Using the XRS12, an MXcluster retains full connectivity to the PSTN after a switchover without intervention from the administrator.

“Businesses expect their communications systems to continue functioning under any eventuality,” said Tony Warhurst, Zultys’ Country Manager for Australia. “The robust architecture of MXcluster ensures that this expectation is met.”

Earlier this year Zultys launched MXgroup, a feature that provides a single database of users among 2 to 32 MX250 systems while allowing local administration and independent operation of the MX250s. MXcluster expands this capability by scaling the MX250 solution to a potential maximum of 32,000 users on 32 MXcluster systems.

Pricing and Availability

There is no charge for the MXcluster feature as it is included in the standard MX250 system software. Redundancy requires an XRS12 and an additional MX250 with a redundancy license. The XRS12 is priced at AUD$2,930 (excl GST) and the MX250 with the redundancy license is AUD$9,760 (excl GST). Availability for MXcluster will be September 2004.

About Zultys Technologies

Incorporated in 2001, Technologies Australia Pty Ltd. has its headquarters in Sydney and its corporate office in Sunnyvale, California. Zultys designs and manufactures products that converge telecommunications and data communications for businesses. Zultys develops its hardware and software specifically to create products that deliver completely integrated solutions, allowing for ease of deployment, management, and use. These products support multiple languages and are based on open standards to ensure interoperability in any network. After installation, productivity increases and operating costs decrease. Zultys sells its products worldwide and has distribution today in 58 countries. For more information on Zultys or its products, access:

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