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  • 22 November 2011 10:41

NetApp and Interactive help Village Roadshow move to the cloud

Infrastructure as a Service helps Village Roadshow cope with huge data growth

SYDNEY, Australia—November 22, 2011— Village Roadshow, the company that has been entertaining Australia for over 50 years through theme parks, attractions and resorts, DVD distributions and cinemas has moved to the cloud via an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) model built on NetApp and provided by Interactive to cope with its massive data growth.

Village Roadshow previously managed its own data centre at its Jam Factory headquarters in Melbourne, but due to continually increasing data demands, it was forced to seek alternative, more efficient IT solutions.

Village Roadshow engaged Interactive, whose Tier III data centre is built on NetApp, to provide an Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution to alleviate Village Roadshow’s data management challenges.

Simon Durkin, Director of Sales at Interactive, said, “Our Tier III data centre is specifically designed to house data for customers facing huge data growth. Village Roadshow already had existing NetApp hardware installed onsite, so the customer was happy with our recommendations to move its data to our NetApp-based environment.”

David Kindlen, CIO Village Roadshow, said, “Our data was growing at a phenomenal rate, and we were running out of space to store it. We needed a high performance and scalable managed production storage solution that provided strong business continuity capabilities at a competitive price to an in-house purchase. I spoke with Interactive about setting up Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) utilising hardware from NetApp, with whom we already had technology that we were very happy with.”

All of Village Roadshow’s data is now stored on the NetApp FAS3170 storage system within Interactive’s Tier III data centre in Melbourne. Since moving to this Infrastructure-as-a-Service model, Village Roadshow’s storage is fully flexible and easily able to cope with the continued data growth.

Simon Durkin, said, “The significant investment we have made in our data centre space and technology has been in anticipation of the increased demand we are seeing from customers for cloud services. We expect this growth to continue as more businesses seek the financial and business benefits of the cloud, combined with the security of our Tier III data centre.

“Interactive has made it a priority to provide world-class cloud solutions by investing in the best local talent and building our business on the technologies of trusted partners including NetApp. We are proud to be able to work with NetApp to build on the folio of services we already provide Village Roadshow.”

Peter O’Connor, Vice President and Managing Director, NetApp ANZ, said “The solution that Interactive has implemented for Village Roadshow is a great example of how huge amounts of data can be moved easily to the cloud without the hassle of downtime or data loss.

NetApp’s service provider partnership with Interactive is one that has gone from strength to strength as the Australian market realises the business flexibility that can be gleaned via IaaS offerings. Not only is Village Roadshow benefitting from the fact that it now doesn’t have the overhead of storing its ever-growing data onsite, but it gains greater efficiency and agility benefits that can be reverberated throughout its entire business.”

Interactive’s Tier III data centre:

• 200 co-location racks (built on NetApp)

• Data centre site availability 99.98%

• Dedicated operations centre

• Two additional customer flight-decks (total 5)

• Complies with Uptime Tier III principles – fault tolerant and concurrently maintainable

• Maximum rack capacity 7kW

• Mains supply is via dedicated on-site 2000KVA transformer supplying only this data centre floor

• 3 x 1000kVA generators in an N+1 configuration

• Provision for a 4th 1000kVA generator if required

• 10,000 litre bulk diesel fuel tank which provides generator runtime of 14 hours. Satisifies Uptime Tier IV requirements.

• Fuel transfer pumps are N+1

• Separate main, generator and ATS switchboards

• Switchboards housed in a secure, fire rated, environmentally controlled room with N+1 CRACS

• 2N power distribution to both UPS and mechanical services

• Each ATS has independent control, no single point of failures

• Modular ATS which allows rapid replacement in the event of a failure

About Interactive

Established in 1988, Interactive is one of Australia’s most respected IT service providers. With a focus on systems availability and customer service, Interactive and its team of over 350 dedicated service staff is the supplier of choice for more than 1,800 of Australia’s most successful corporations.

Experts in hardware maintenance, data-centre hosting, managed services and disaster recovery, Interactive’s five world-class data centres ensure customers can be confident that business critical data is securely stored. With a state-of-the-art suite of cloud solutions, Interactive also offers secure and effective ways for customers looking to migrate to the cloud.

Interactive operates its business carbon neutral, ensuring that all operations and cloud solutions have a zero carbon footprint. To find out more about Interactive, visit

About Village Roadshow

Village Roadshow was founded by Roc Kirby and first commenced business in 1954 in Melbourne, Australia and has been listed on the Australian Securities Exchange since 1988.

Still based in Melbourne, Village Roadshow Limited (‘VRL’) is a leading international entertainment company with core businesses in Theme Parks, Cinema Exhibition, Film Distribution and Film Production and Music.

All of these businesses are well recognised retail brands and strong cash flow generators - together they create a diversified portfolio of entertainment assets.

About NetApp

NetApp creates innovative storage and data management solutions that accelerate business breakthroughs and deliver outstanding cost efficiency. Discover NetApp’s passion for helping companies around the world go further, faster at

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