Why attend EDGE?

  1. Educational insights 
  2. Executive-level connections 
  3. New business opportunities 
  4. Actionable takeaways

EDGE plays host to the most influential business leaders in technology, reflective of a diverse, innovative and expanding ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand.

As the world becomes more collaborative, so is the network of providers delivering transformational solutions to customers.

Different technology buyers are requiring different technology partners, challenging the market status quo in the process.

Mirroring the market, EDGE brings together emerging and established technology players, spanning bleeding edge start-ups and cloud specialists to independent software vendors and application developers.

This is complemented with business consultants and boutique agencies, alongside solution providers and system integrators – all collaborating, all contributing.

EDGE creates a unique environment in which extreme partner types can join forces in the pursuit of innovation, acting as the conduit for customer transformation.

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Who values EDGE?

“EDGE is the best event on the A/NZ calendar, with a great perspective on our market”
Peter Stein, Datacom

“It was my first Edge conference - what a show.! Great line up of speakers, access to industry thought leaders and a strong sense of community. Love what you and the team at ARN do for our industry - congratulations and well done.!”
Rajitha Rajasingham, Oreta

“THANK YOU for EDGE19. It was an awesome event this year and I can only imagine the amount of work and effort that would go into pulling something like that off from the whole ARN Team. As always, the 1:1s + icebreakers were highly valuable for us with both partners and prospects, great conversations were had, and a lot of new faces which is always a win! A bit harder to verbalise but I could feel an extremely positive momentum and energy for Datto amongst the attendees at EDGE this year, which is very exciting.”
Tayler Feigl, Datto

“Just wanted to personally thank you for last weeks Edge event (my 2nd). It was a fantastic event where I got to hear some great speakers and listen to different perspectives (we need to listen to people who are different). As an intravert the event create an environment where I can network and form new connections. Personally it’s a highlight and look forward to an invite for next year.”
Tony Meredith, Kabium

“Thank you for the amazing week we had at ARN EDGE 2019! I personally learnt a lot from the speakers and chats with partners. It was a great opportunity for us to experience EDGE for the first time. We thoroughly enjoyed the sessions, catching up with our existing partners, and they are also very pleased with the level of interest in our channel program. I just wanted to say thank you for all the support you provided me and the team in the lead up to and during the event.”
Selena Theol, Telstra

“Thank you to the entire ARN team for a wonderful event. I was amazed at the collaboration and discussions that took place between delegates, in particular the partner community. A lot of work would have gone into an event like that, so thank you to the team! ”
Nathan Lowe, ASI Solutions

“A lot has happened between the very first Edge that I attended and the 5th that I attended this year. I was very positively surprised by the amount of true business conversations that took place. Obviously, a lot of this is driven by the attitude, approach and mind set of the vendors and partners attending, but I found a lot more good conversations occurring than I honestly expected. From a Sophos perspective our stand positioning was good, and our breakout session was really well attended. I had no shortage of partners and other vendors ready to engage in solid business conversations. But the White theme was a lot of fun! BUT – I had a blast and it was brilliant. Great networking, excellent set up, seamless transfers, and great conversations.”
John Donovan, Sophos

“Edge was great. Still probably the best networking conference hands down.”
Nick Moran, Evolve IT

“Many thanks once again for a great event last week on Hamilton Island, it was such a fantastically organised and run conference, there should be an ARN Award for such things.”
Evan Thomas, Trend Micro

“Just wanted to take the time to say that Edge was another great hit this year! Had massive networking sessions this year with a ton of vendors and partners which was great.”
Paul Sadler, Milan Rajkovic, Milan Industries

“I thought it was an extremely well-run event and access to good people which made it even better.”
Jon Fox, Sophos

“I found the event to be fantastic, very professionally run and excellent networking and main sessions.”
Hamish Soper, Check Point

“I'd also like to thank you again for a wonderful event last week, definitely the best on the Australian calendar, a real testament to you and your team, well done.”
Victor Guerrero, CustomTec

“Thanks for a really great Edge conference, I enjoyed it and got a lot out of it. I can see why it has such a great reputation.”
Symon Thurlow, Parrallo

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