Introducing EDGE 2020

EDGE 2020 will run as an invite-only virtual experience in Australia and New Zealand, playing host to the most influential business leaders in technology.

Set for 10-11 November, the decision comes amid a challenging period both personally and professionally, with Covid-19 continuing to impact markets and society.

Despite signs of encouragement on both sides of the Tasman, this proactive approach is designed to ensure that EDGE – now viewed as a valuable annual resource for executive leaders – continues irrespective of circumstance.

What is EDGE?

EDGE is the leading technology conference for business leaders in Australia and New Zealand, built on the foundations of collaboration, education and advancement.

The market is saturated with conventional conferences following traditional rules of engagement, delivering predictable insights with no actionable takeaways or outcomes.

In an industry fixated on the why, EDGE focuses on the how, offering step-by-step guidance around business growth, customer acquisition and executional excellence.

Attendance at EDGE is by invitation only, limited to decision-makers shaping the technology landscape on both sides of the Tasman. Such high calibre of attendance receives business coaching at an executive-level, targeting seasoned leaders to aspiring entrepreneurs.

EDGE hosts the most influential business leaders in technology, offering an environment to share peer-to-peer market challenges and examples of best practice.

EDGE offers local insights through compelling speakers, in-market research and interactive sessions to equip business leaders with the information required for success.

EDGE provides actionable takeaways through consumable and transferable content to ensure post-event execution is achievable and attainable.

Content at EDGE 2020

As the market grapples with the continued economic impact of Covid-19, forward-thinking partners are building out strategies for future growth.

Avoiding the desire to hunker down and wait for the pandemic to pass, proactive plans are forming to capture emerging customer opportunities, in addition to shaping a modern business blueprint.

Yet the ecosystem remains paralysed by inaction as partners meander from one theory to the next, heightening the need for revised end-user investment priorities at local level. But knowledge is no longer power, rather potential power. Today, power lies in execution.

Echoing the words of Steve Jobs, “ideas are worth nothing unless executed, execution is worth millions”, EDGE 2020 will move beyond ideas and into execution, side-stepping the ‘why’ to outline the ‘how’ aspect of change.

EDGE 2020 will help partners:

- Assess revised customer investment priorities across A/NZ
- Outline key technology and business focus areas to initiate growth
- Explain how to balance transformational activities with day-to-day operations
- Outline how to convert vision into action through day one execution plans
- Create step-by-step guides to excel in business, technology, sales and marketing

Who attends EDGE?

EDGE plays host to the most influential business leaders in technology, reflective of a diverse, innovative and expanding ecosystem in Australia and New Zealand.

As the world becomes more collaborative, so is the network of providers delivering transformational solutions to customers.

Different technology buyers are requiring different technology partners, challenging the market status quo in the process.

Mirroring the market, EDGE brings together emerging and established technology players, spanning bleeding edge start-ups and cloud specialists to independent software vendors and application developers.

This is complemented with business consultants and boutique agencies, alongside solution providers and system integrators – all collaborating, all contributing.

EDGE creates a unique environment in which extreme partner types can join forces in the pursuit of innovation, acting as the conduit for customer transformation.