What is EDGE?

EDGE brings the ANZ channel together in a collaborative and educational environment.
Now in its 5th year, EDGE gives vendors, distributors and channel partners the competitive advantage necessary to bring continued success.

EDGE brings together the best and the brightest minds in the ANZ channel.

EDGE curates high level and compelling content to deliver meaningful insights.

EDGE understands the need for expertise means more collaboration to deliver outcome.

Who attends EDGE?

EDGE brings together 300+ ANZ channel professionals who share similar market conditions and unilateral acquisition processes. All sessions are specific to research-based A/NZ industry trends and the opportunity to connect with the EDGE audience will cement leads and drive sales.
In 2018, 160 partners attended - 122 from Australia and 38 from New Zealand.

Where and when is EDGE 2019?

Hamilton Island - July 28 - July 31, 2019*.

*Partner delegates (only) from New Zealand will commence their EDGE experience from Saturday, July 27.

Content at EDGE 2019

LEARNING at EDGE is the foundation for partners to attend.
Partners want to be informed, challenged and inspired.

This year's theme is BUILD. As partners hunt for new customers, strive for brand awareness and the need to differentiate, BUILD presentations will unlock these partner challenges.

The constraints around resources, budget and legacy, are threatening partner hopes of true transformation. The channel recognises that change is required, but partners want direction and execution tools to create viable strategies and roadmaps.

EDGE will lay out the building blocks for attainable future growth, outlining how partners can: 

- Build a sustainable base of new customers
- Build a viable marketing strategy
- Build long-lasting unique IP
- Build stronger internal practices
- Build a deeper support ecosystem