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Unlocking Advanced Solutions and engaging beyond IT is the key to channel success

Unlocking Advanced Solutions and engaging beyond IT is the key to channel success

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This year, ICT spending in New Zealand will reach $14.7 billion – an increase of 6.7 per cent. The channel is going to be instrumental in driving that growth, as IT services will account for six per cent of that ($4.4 billion), including managed services, consulting and IaaS solutions.

Businesses will be relying on their channel partners for a host of reasons. The government is committed to seeing the country transition to a digital-first economy, businesses continue to eye digital transformation and look to their partners to help unravel the complexities of doing so, and the country is in the midst of a deep skills shortage, meaning that companies need their partners to step in to fill gaps in their internal competencies.

General Manager of Advanced Solutions NZ, Jamie Hall
General Manager of Advanced Solutions NZ, Jamie Hall

For Ingram Micro, assisting partners in delivering these solutions was a key motivator behind the company establishing its Advanced Solution Group (ASG). ASG specialises in helping partners to deliver enterprise-class technology solutions that are not simple implementations and need expertise to scope and implement. These are the technologies that underpin and enable , big data, IoT, edge and other key areas of innovation and channel partners benefit from having the weight of a distributor like Ingram Micro supporting them, Jamie Hall, General Manager – Advanced Solutions at Ingram Micro NZ said. “We believe that the right technology solutions are the enabler for true market differentiation,” Hall said. “Our focus is on making it easy for partners to understand how to put complex solutions together. Their customers are looking for an outcome focused solution provider and a partner that can understand what the challenges are and are able to articulate what solutions and technologies can address those challenges. We’ve observed that when partners can take that outcome-focused approach, they’ve seen accelerated growth.”

The ASG practice is structured around the five key areas of technology that enable and support transformation and IT innovation, these are:

  • Networking & IT
  • Cybersecurity
  • Unified Communications and Collaboration and Pro AV
  • Enterprise Software and Power
  • Servers & Storage
  • Data & AI

Both within these categories, and in combinations of them, Hall and his team work to provide partners with enablement and support in engaging their customers.

“As an example of how partners could engage with their customers on outcomes rather than technologies, imagine in the education space, teachers want to make sure their students don’t fall asleep in class. We can leverage technology to determine the CO2 levels are too high, which encourage students to sleep,” Hall said. “By using the appropriate sensors , gateways and software, we can automate the air conditioning to adjust the air conditioning levels to reduce CO2 levels or provide an alert a teacher so they can take a direct response and solve that challenge.”

The three big opportunities around ASG

Hall highlighted three particularly significant opportunities that he sees for channel partners to leverage the capabilities of the ASG business.

One is Data and AI. This was once a highly specialised field requiring specialised capabilities, Hall said, but has become more accessible to a broader range of partners, and something that is of significant interest to partners that are focused on enabling customers to differentiate themselves.

The second is RPA – Robotic Process Automation. In Hall’s view, this is one of the biggest opportunities for partners to extend their reach into their customers beyond their IT spending. “We all have tasks that we do in our day to day that are mundane,” he said. “We can work with partners to help automate tasks in many different areas. It could be in finance or HR.  It's not just an IT thing, it's really across the entire business.”

The third is the growing threat of cyber security. The most recent annual National Cyber Security Centre threat report found there was a 15 per cent YoY increase in “incidents that affect nationally significant organisations.” According to Hall, the big opportunity here is for partners to firstly articulate the threat, and then provide solutions to those challenges. “New Zealand companies still often have a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude,” he said. “But at the board and leadership level this is a risk that needs to be managed, and it is no longer okay to have an IT manager or somebody within the business tell the board ‘it's fine and sorted.’ They need to know more and see how they are being protected.

“We see this as a huge opportunity for partners that are able to articulate the gaps,” Hall added. “A partner that is able to talk to the leadership, highlight the gaps and lay out a solution with priorities and a strategy to address the security challenges will be a valued one indeed.”

Through Ingram Micro’s broad solution range and the support in delivering outcomes with everything from sales to fulfilment that is available to partners through ASG to strategic outcome focused guidance and design, the New Zealand channel has the opportunity to engage more deeply with their customers and move the conversation away from IT towards more strategic all-of-business discussions.

For more information on Advanced Solutions or for outcome focused conversations that lead to technology solutions, reach out to our category leads:

·       Advanced Solutions New Zealand

·       Networking & IT

·       Cyber Security

·       Unified Communications and Collaboration and Pro AV

·       Enterprise Software and Power

·       Servers & Storage

·       Data & AI

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