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The ever-growing channel ecosystem is complex and embodies an abundant range of technology vendors. The recent world events have accelerated pace businesses adopt new technologies to continue operating. Channel partners seeking the right solution for their customers in the current vendor landscape can find it daunting.

We have found partners are overwhelmed by the endless list of established and emerging technologies flooding the market – spanning cloud, security, digital and others. Adding the shift of business needs and demands of the unique future work models, it is creating ambiguity and uncertainty.

Through the Channel Roadmap, a bespoke content hub housing strategic priorities from technology vendors for 2022 and beyond, partners can find the guidance on the key technologies and markets to pursue, to help build a blueprint for future success.


Paul McKerseyChannel Account Manager

As recent CERT NZ reports have highlighted, New Zealand IT security leaders are faced with a growing number of challenges in their roles. Phishing attacks, unauthorised system access and malware are increasing in frequency for New Zealand organisations, taking advantage of the change in ways of working for so many. As trusted advisors to their clients, BeyondTrust partners are finding success with our portfolio of Universal Privilege Management solutions as their customers look to tackle the above challenges and more.

Meeting the Needs of New Zealand Organisations

The 2021 Critical Controls from CERT NZ recommends ten key controls that represent the best value in terms of mitigating risks, based on the threats seen in New Zealand and internationally. They include the use of a password manager, enforcing the principle of least privilege, implementing application allowlisting, using multi-factor authentication, and setting secure defaults for macros.

With such recommendations in mind more organisations are turning to leading PAM solution providers, such as BeyondTrust, to help mitigate risks build their cyber security defences.

BeyondTrust customers and analysts recognise the value of our Universal Privilege Management model, which provides the most complete approach to securing every privileged user, asset, and session.

How BeyondTrust Can Help Your Clients

Exploitation of insecure remote access pathways, phishing attacks, and credential and privilege abuse are common attack vectors and each plays a big role in attacks such as ransomware. BeyondTrust provides blended threat protection against these threat vectors, helping prevent or mitigate ransomware and other external and internal attacks.

BeyondTrust Privileged Password Management reduces the risk of compromised privileged credentials for both human and non-human users. The solution enables automated discovery and onboarding of all privileged accounts, secure access to privileged credentials and secrets, and auditing, monitoring, and management of all privileged sessions.

BeyondTrust Endpoint Privilege Management combines privilege management and application control to enforce least privilege and ensure just the right level of privilege at the right time on Windows, Mac, Unix, Linux, and network devices. The solution also protects against tricky fileless attacks.

BeyondTrust Secure Remote Access enables organisations to leverage privileged access security controls—including least privilege and credential management—to all remote access, whether for employees, vendors, or service desks. This can be particularly valuable in providing access to third parties for remote monitoring and maintenance of operational technology.

Working together, these BeyondTrust PAM solutions can dismantle ransomware and other threats at many stages of the attack chain.

As trusted advisors, BeyondTrust partners should discuss with their clients how strategies such as the CERT NZ Critical Controls can mitigate the risk around various cyber security attacks, including ransomware. BeyondTrust can support their efforts with assets and knowledgeable team members should those resources be needed.

A channel-first organisation, BeyondTrust recognises the significant value that partners play in educating and supporting customers on their Privileged Access Management journey.

Partners are supported by an experienced team of sales, technical and channel professionals. BeyondTrust also has sales and technical certifications to help partners make the most of PAM-centred discussions with clients. There is also marketing support and MDF eligibility for Platinum, Gold and Silver tier partners.

Thanks to the rapid growth we are experiencing in the market, BeyondTrust is actively looking to grow its partner community in New Zealand in 2022. To learn more about partnering with BeyondTrust, visit


LuLu ShirazSales Director
Vertiv Australia and New Zealand

As Architects of Continuity™, Vertiv is at the forefront of ensuring your digital infrastructure runs continuously and evolves as your business changes. Our broad portfolio of critical infrastructure solutions, ranging from power, thermal management, IT management, IT and edge infrastructure, and services, gives our customers the agility and flexibility to solve the most complex IT challenges.

Vertiv partners, distributors and resellers form a vital part of our business as they allow us to reach more customers across a wider geography, enabling us to bring our solutions to more businesses.

Why partner with Vertiv?

As a valued Vertiv partner, we can help you solve your customers' most pressing challenges with the industry's most formidable array of data center critical infrastructure, services, and management solutions. As a partner, you'll have confidence in knowing you are equipped with the latest training, resources, and support to help you grow your business, increase profits, and become an industry front-runner. Together, we are more capable of meeting our customers' needs and achieving our business goals.

We pride ourselves of providing our partners with the resources and support to help them succeed in their business. Below are just some of the benefits of being a Vertiv partner:

  • Discounts & Incentives – by teaming up with us, you can effortlessly increase your profitability and engage your sales force;
  • Sales & Marketing Support – get access to sales and marketing solutions, marketing activities including digital marketing, PR and social media, and events support to expand your network and footprint;
  • Training & Enablement – get instant access and support of Vertiv experts both regionally and globally to equip you with the tools and knowhow to help you succeed in your business;
  • Account Management – have a dedicated account manager to help drive sales and deliver satisfactions.

Take advantage of the opportunity to partner with a globally-recognized, award-winning partner program.

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