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Telegistics becomes Entelar, as the company broadens its scope and pivots to being a value-added distributor for digital enterprise

Telegistics becomes Entelar, as the company broadens its scope and pivots to being a value-added distributor for digital enterprise

Credit: Entelar

The IT space was very different 16 years ago. So much so that it’s difficult for us to conceptualise now. In 2005, the first-generation iPhone was only just starting to be developed. It wouldn’t be released until 2007. That model of phone used 2G technology that is now considered primitive, and it didn’t even have the now-iconic Apple App store. The first version of the Android operating system, meanwhile, was still a full three years away.

Fast forward those 16 years, and smartphones have become ubiquitous, 5G wireless is set to become a standard way of connecting to the Internet, and doing business has changed completely. Where once computers and the Internet simply facilitated work, now businesses have transformed and rely on it; KPMG research shows that as much as 80 per cent of revenue growth comes from digital offerings and operations in businesses now. Businesses that supply the technology that organisations use to run their operations have had to change in kind.

Telegistics has seen all of this change from the trenches. Across 16 years of operation, the company has grown from being focused on after-sales support for mobile devices - repairing mobile phones from leading brands like Samsung, Apple, Nokia and Huawei - to become one of New Zealand’s leading names across a broad range of business-enabling technologies.

In recognising this growth and changing business direction, the company has changed its name and rebranded. Now Entelar, what was formerly Telegistics is primed for the next stage in its growth, Entelar CEO, Victoria Mahan, said.

“We felt the name Telegistics no longer reflected the breadth of the company’s offering or future growth plans,” said Mahan, who joined the company a year ago to help it take this next step in its journey. “We are in a period of major growth, and now span across the technology category, from a cracked mobile screen to national network deployment.

“The name Entelar is a nod to our history, incorporating part of our founding name, as well as reflecting our core mission of enabling technology and our people. It also includes reference to the layers of service and technology that we can provide.

“We are very excited to see where this new identity will take us, as we build on our commitment to provide the best after-sales service offering and lead the way in the ICT distribution and services sector.”

Building distribution for modern business

As Entelar has grown as a value-adding distributor, it has broadened its scope beyond mobile phones. The vendors that it has partnered with highlight the company’s understanding of the way that modern businesses need to transform and operate.

In partnering with Cisco, for example, Entelar has been able to assist its partners in deploying SD-WAN architecture into their customers’ businesses. As Entelar noted in a blog article, SD-WAN is a core component of transformation: “With traffic growing 30 per cent year-on-year and rapidly proliferating Internet of Things (IoT) connections, it’s getting harder to guarantee key business applications and software will keep running. Continually improving bandwidth gets very expensive while overhauling a local network can involve multiple costly trips from hardware engineers and, then later, software engineers, to get everything communicating. The process is expensive, typically takes many months and the resulting, overcomplicated architecture is likely to vary site by site.”

Likewise, Entelar has formed partnerships with other global vendors to showcase its technology and solutions to customers across the country. Most recently, Entelar has announced partnerships with the likes of ACCO Brands and the Kensington suite of products, as well as Samsung for its monitors, screens and tablets. The Entelar team is focused on growing the company’s portfolio to ensure they can offer their customers a broad range of products and services whilst providing best-in-class service from a locally owned and operated company.

As Rajesh Singh, Director at Entelar, said, this broadening of Entelar’s scope and growing support of networking has been in response to the changing needs of enterprises across New Zealand, and has led to rapid growth for the company. “As the needs of our customers change, Telegistics has evolved to meet those needs, expanding from its humble beginnings in mobile repairs to its current portfolio of services for businesses’ IT functions,” Singh said. “It’s great to see that the business now has a name that reflects the scope of services offered – and the ambition of the great team of people who work at Entelar.”

The Telegistics rebranding to Entelar has come into effect now, with those who try to access the Telegistics website now directed to the new website. For partners and customers, everything else about the company remains business as usual.

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