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How small form-factor PC components are delivering channel organisations a new wave of opportunity

How small form-factor PC components are delivering channel organisations a new wave of opportunity

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The Intel®️ NUC Elements Family is a simple, elegant concept that offers some real value to the channel. It is a collection of small, modular components that allow people to create bespoke solutions for their specific needs. With Rugged and Pro options, the NUC Element Family can be used for everything, from home office use, through to powering the giant displays in retail locations, and right through to difficult environments like factories.

Intel pitches this as a solution with several key benefits for operation, management, as well as both content creation and consumption. These benefits include:

  • Power: the small form factor, as well as the integration of Intel’s latest technology, means that the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family product line is efficient and minimise the carbon impact of the devices.

  • Portable: The size of any Intel®️ NUC Elements Family device, regardless of configuration, means that it is lightweight and easy transport. This makes it particularly effective as a portable solution for events, retail environments, and so on, whether the technology needs to be mobile.

  • Easy maintenance and management: the modular nature of Intel NUC Element means that it is easy for users to replace parts, remove parts for service, and do so in minutes. This technology has been built to be robust, and the ability to quickly swap parts and modify NUC Element solutions means that users face a minimum of downtime.

  • An extensive third party ecosystem: from notebooks to chassis and cooling equipment (AIOs), the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family is compatible with and supported by a broad range of third party technology that further deepens the customisation available and the breadth of applications that the technology can be applied to.

Owing to this flexibility and the wide range of different available configurations, one of the principal benefits of the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family is that it can be leveraged by the channel for three ends:

  • Meet customer needs: There is no need for partners to attempt to push the square peg through the circular hole. The customisability and flexibility with which to build custom solutions allows Intel partners to deliver a value-add in delivering something that specifically addresses the customer challenges.

  • Minimise development expense: Thanks to the breadth of modular solutions and the ability to ruggedise the solution, partners can minimise costs in developing a system capable of operating within the most challenging environments, which is usually something that adds substantially to the costs. Furthermore, custom solutions can be pieced together without the need for additional R&D.

  • Speed to market: The modular, customisable nature of the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family eliminates several steps in the product design process, and streamlines it from concept, to integration, to production.

The partner experience with Intel NUC Elements

One example of a partner that has benefitted from the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family is PB Tech. A computer retailer that was founded in Auckland in 1993, PB Tech specialises in providing their customers with a large range of solutions at efficient prices.

The Intel®️ NUC Elements Family has been an effective complement to that, especially in the context of PB Tech’s services business. Beyond reselling PCs and components, PB Tech also offers an in-house support to all its products, ranging from large-stale PC assembly and disk imaging to AV and security installations, and managed IT support to small-to-mid sized businesses.

The Intel®️ NUC Elements Family allows PB Tech to tailor PC fleets and solutions to their customers at a price that is right for them. The customisation available through the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family allows the PB Tech engineers to create a solution that is only as powerful as the customer needs, minimising the overall cost of the solution and delivering PB Tech’s core values to the customer.

Meanwhile, the robust nature of the technology means that the PB Tech support team isn’t called on too frequently, and the modular nature of it means that when support is necessary, repair and restore operations can be done in a timely manner. This allows PB Tech to keep its own costs down, and ultimately pass on the savings to its customers.

As a retailer that has served over one million customers in New Zealand, PB Tech is regularly called on to provide solutions that are specific to the customer. With the Intel®️ NUC Elements Family, it can build those bespoke solutions without the typical costs involved in high levels of customisation.

Ultimately, businesses look to channel partners to develop solutions that are specifically tailored to their needs. To do that, the channel partner needs flexibility, scalability, and reliable technology. The Intel®️ NUC Elements Family delivers all three of those qualities, allowing the channel partner to become a genuine value-adding resource to their customers.

For more information on the Intel NUC Element family, and the benefits it brings to the channel, click here.

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