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Dicker Data: Helping navigate Dell EMC in the New Zealand market

Dicker Data: Helping navigate Dell EMC in the New Zealand market

The partnership between Dell EMC and Dicker Data in New Zealand is new and has come following a successful relationship between the two companies in Australia that has benefitted both the channel and the end-user of the technology.

When Dell and EMC merged in 2016, it was one of the biggest industry-shaking events of the year. The merger, valued at a massive, record-setting $US67 billion, cemented Dell EMC as a dominant player at just about every layer of IT infrastructure, and gave it the size, scale, and technology solutions to provide transformative solutions to customers of every size.

The merger provided the opportunity to build a new channel program that brought the best of both Dell and EMC together in a new Partner Program, that was launched in 2017. The central tenant of the program is to be simple, predictable and profitable for the Dell EMC partner ecosystem. On the customer side, those looking to leverage Dell EMC’s products and solutions, the expanded portfolio can be slightly overwhelming. This is where organisations, like Dicker Data, can provide the technical expertise and knowledge of the Dell EMC business to help customers successfully navigate the Dell EMC business.

The same goes for the channel in selling Dell EMC solutions. Resellers have also been looking for partners that can help streamline their access and engagement with Dell EMC.  

“Dell EMC has one of the broadest product and solutions portfolios in comparison to other Tier 1 vendors,” said Amir Kalil, Lead Product Manager at Dicker Data. “While this is no doubt a strength of Dell EMC, it might also appear quite intimidating to resellers who may not have experience with the brand or know how to navigate the varying ranges.

“A broad portfolio also invariably leads to a broad set of tools required in order to quote, configure and price products. Resellers may have familiarity with other vendors who have established themselves in the channel, but Dell EMC’s tools and resources are relatively new to the NZ market.”

“Our Dell EMC team is comprised of experts who have years of experience working with Dell EMC. Once an opportunity is sent to us, we are happy to get as involved as is required in order to win the deal. If our partner requires us to scope, qualify and build a solution we have the right people in place to help. If our partner requires a simple notebook or desktop urgently, we have local stock in place in order to fulfil a just-in-time delivery. If our partner requires that little bit of extra pricing support required in order to win the deal, we have the experience in putting together strong business cases to justify the additional support with the people that have decision making authority at Dell EMC.”

The partnership between Dell EMC and Dicker Data in New Zealand is new and has come following a successful relationship between the two companies in Australia that has benefitted both the channel and the end-user of the technology.

“I think the rate of change that our industry constantly faces is always a challenge.” Paulo Mpliokas, sales director for Olympus Technology Services, a Dicker Data partner in Australia, said. “New solutions, technologies and vendors are coming out for end users and partners to understand and align with all the time. This means we all have to make bets on who we think we can work with, which particular solutions and vendors we deploy and who we will be working with in three to five years.   

“The team at Dicker Data are experts in the technology distribution space. They have the experience and passion for customer service that means that they do the heavy lifting for me and lots of other small to medium sized resellers with a number of the larger vendors. Their focus on enablement and training, commercial terms and good consistent everyday account and sales management, has helped me stay focused on my customers without worrying about my supplier.”

The Dicker Data Difference

Key to the success of Dicker Data with Dell EMC is the Dicker Data configuration services, in which Dicker Data offers resellers in-depth expertise and support across a wide range of different technology challenges, including:

  • Component installation for servers, storage, desktops and notebooks
  • Assistance with desktop and notebook SOE image loads
  • A comprehensive asset tagging and reporting service
  • Assistance with complex solution integration and testing
  • The ability to conduct operating system installation for both Windows & Linux
  • The provision of customer VPN access networking infrastructure
  • A solution staging stage prior to shipment
  • The shipment of configured racks
  • Finally, support services to partners in the delivery of technology 

“The ultimate goal of Dicker Data Configuration Services is to configure to order Dell EMC devices locally in NZ. If resellers require a locally stocked device with more memory or setup to meet a standard operating environment (SOE), our engineers can do this in our staging centre and drop ship it to your end user,” Dicker Data's Amir Kalil said. “If a reseller requires a Dell EMC server urgently with Windows Server installed, we can do this, test it, and deliver it. This also means that the equipment your end-user receives is completely tested prior to shipment and guaranteed to work straight out of the box.”

This is in addition to the Dell Deal Registration program, which guarantees resellers that Dell won’t leverage its direct sales capabilities to engage with a reseller that is working with any given end-user account.

Vendors with direct sales capabilities traditionally make resellers nervous, and the Dell Deal Register is Dicker Data’s way of assuring the reseller that Dell respects, and wants to help, their business.

“I’m lucky that I’ve known and worked across the industry with a number of the team at Dicker Data over the years. When I started OlympusTech I needed a supplier that I could trust and that had the right people to help my business succeed. So, I reached out to them and opened an account to start trading with them.” Mpliokas said. Now, Olympus Technology enjoys brisk business through its Dicker Data partnership.

Dicker Data approaches all of its resellers with a long-term view. This means that the company is ever-ready to shift to dynamic market conditions and ensure that each partner is able to benefit from that agility.

For more information on Dell EMC solutions available through Dicker Data, please email dellemc@dickerdata.co.nz

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