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A revolution in networking

A revolution in networking

SD-WAN could change the way you do business. How? Let the experts from Cisco and Telegistics give you the lowdown on the best new networking technology available.

SD-WAN architecture is a revolutionary networking technology with 90 per cent of enterprises expecting to transition to it within five years. The New Zealander reseller community recently got the inside story on this transformative architecture at a series of massively successful roadshows hosted by Cisco and its exclusive distribution partner, Telegistics.

Held in Christchurch, Wellington and Auckland the roadshows focused on Cisco’s latest SD-WAN offering, Viptela, and its cloud-controlled Wi-Fi and security system, Meraki. And on hand, to help spread the word, was Cisco Viptela founder, Khalid Raza.

For any organisation considering overhauling, secure or modernising its business networking and cloud operations – or simply ensuring it keeps functioning adequately in a world of ballooning bandwidth requirements, SD-WAN is must-consider technology.   


The importance of SD-WAN

Many business branches and offices rely upon whatever disparate network architecture was available at the time of implementation. However, with traffic growing 30 per cent year-on-year and rapidly proliferating Internet of Things (IoT) connections, it’s getting harder to guarantee key business applications and software will keep running. Continually improving bandwidth gets very expensive while overhauling a local network can involve multiple costly trips from hardware engineers and, then later, software engineers, to get everything communicating. The process is expensive, typically takes many months and the resulting, overcomplicated architecture is likely to vary site by site.

SD-WAN simplifies everything. Viptela can be quickly implemented using a regular internet connection – there is no need to re-architect the existing network. It has the intelligence to securely segment important applications away from less important traffic while connecting everything to the cloud for centralised management. Whether that’s located in a central office, public cloud or private data centre, everything can operate under a unified security plane with fewer points of weakness. This highly-scalable, hybrid WAN system then uses local internet to instigate networking technology enhancements such as MPLS to identify the fastest network route back to base: your important data flows unimpeded and securely. (For more details about Viptela, check out Cisco’s microsite.)

 SD-WAN in the office

Any office branch that is struggling with network-derived application performance issues will know the frustration of dealing with customers and delays – some things just need to work. With SD-WAN ensuring crucial SaaS applications are constantly at peak performance, both workers and customers can focus on what’s important.

Embedding a local IT specialist in an environment such as doctor’s office could be an unjustifiable expense to local health organisations. But having all IT systems governed simply and securely via a centralised cloud location means many fixes and optimisations can be implemented remotely along with most management tasks.

Another potential benefit exists in retail or hospitality environments: Having a securely-segmented network allows the enablement of other features such as partitioning off spare bandwidth to a guest Wi-Fi network for customers. This value-added benefit can function without any concern that business-critical applications will be compromised through performance drops while operational security remains intact.

Market opportunities

Whatever your requirements, it’s time to consider the new market opportunities Cisco’s SD-WAN offering provides. Find out how it scales to any level and offers some of the fastest return on investment of any IT implementation by contacting Cisco’s experts and discuss local implementation with Telegistics.

Telegistics is a Cisco distribution partner across New Zealand, and sole distributor for the Cisco Webex & Collaboration product range. Get in touch with Telegistics today to find out more about Cisco solution and product offerings.

If you missed the event and would like to find out more about Cisco SD WAN visit the roadshow follow up page:


And don’t miss out on the post-event Cisco Meraki promotion!  From now until April 27, 2019, customers can get three access points for the price of two. For full details visit








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