Westcon-Comstor is the world's leading specialty distributor of advanced network technological solutions, across category-leading solutions including datacentre and infrastructure, security, convergence, virtualisation, networking and storage with a variety of specialty resellers.

Services Offer Channel Gold for Resellers

Services Offer Channel Gold for Resellers

Extend your services capabilities, capacity, and coverage with Westcon-Comstor

There has been pressure for the distribution business model to evolve so it can continue to enable channel organisations to meet client service expectations while maintaining a healthy profit margin.

Like all sectors in modern business, the channel needs to operate quick and lean. Resources are tight, and competition is fierce. To complement their businesses, resellers and other channel organisations are looking to distributors to offer deeper services and engagement.

“Many business opportunities are decided not only on price but also on the ability of the provider to supply an end to end service,” Westcon-Comstor Cloud & Services business unit manager, Jim Heyder, said. 

“We are here to fill in any gaps our partners may have in their business & support their success. Westcon-Comstor Services become an extension of Resellers business’s, so they can take advantage of more opportunities and deliver on greater revenue. Without any of the hassle.”

The Westcon-Comstor Services Practice builds on 30 years of supply chain and channel enablement expertise to offer services capabilities that help Reseller’s capitalise on their customers’ evolving needs.

Westcon-Comstor have four service pillars to support our Reseller Partners:

1) Education Services

Having fully accredited technicians at hand is a daily challenge for resellers, as it can be a significant cost and time outlay to get each technician through the training. Westcon-Comstor Academy brings a comprehensive range of technical training programs, both certified & non-certified, extending Partners knowledge base and expanding their capabilities.

2) Professional Services

Weston-Comstor can provide resellers with solution design, implementation, consultancy and migration support – designed to complement resellers in-house skills and scope, Westcon-Comstor Professional Services provide access to high-level specialist skills aimed to extend resellers geographic reach and go-to-market capabilities without increasing their capital investment — meaning resellers only pay for the services they need, when they need them.

3) Supply Chain Services 

Benefits reseller’s by providing the capability to deliver proactive monitoring support capabilities across multiple vendors and multiple technologies, so customers can focus on their business, not their technology.

4) Support Services

Benefits reseller’s by providing the capability to deliver proactive monitoring support capabilities across multiple vendors and multiple technologies, so customers can focus on their business, not their technology.

“Our services practice develops, utilises and deploys worldwide resources, including nearly 400 engineers, 2,500 certifications and 10 network/security operations centres to extend partners reach, improve their skills and augment their existing offerings,” Heyder said. “With a globally connected network of 26 logistics and stocking centres, we help partners scale with speed, consistency and excellence.”      

This support is available to resellers of all sizes, and helps to ‘level the playing field’ by giving resellers opportunities to access resources that they previously could not have access to, Heyder said.

“This is where something like our supply chain services pillar is growing in popularity. Between asset tagging, DOA testing, loading of proprietary software, shipping and installing equipment on-site, our specialist teams are able to offer significant fulfilment support efficiently and effectively.“

There have been major wins delivered to resellers on the back of these services pillars, Heyder said. One example is a major project that the reseller in question asked for assistance, that covered over 340 sites in 29 countries. As a global company itself, another major benefit to Westcon-Comstor’s solution for its customers is the global reach of the company that enables resellers to target lucrative multi-national opportunities.

“The uptake of our four service pillars is growing rapidly due in large part to the recent decision by Cisco to award New Zealand distribution rights to Westcon-Comstor,” Heyder added. “We are continuing to grow the team in order to manage the business growth.”

As the channel continues to evolve, and the pain points for resellers changes, Westcon-Comstor plans to continue to build out the service pillars. Already, Heyder said, the distributor is looking to the next evolution of the project.

“Security is a growing concern for many companies and keeping their IT staff knowledge current with the technology is often problematic,” he said. “We are planning to introduce more educational courses in the New Year to cater for this need. 

“Ultimately our goal with any of our Service offerings is to increase profit margins and customer intimacy for our partners,” says Dave Rosenberg, managing director, Westcon-Comstor New Zealand.

Click here to find out more about Westcon-Comstor's service offerings.

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