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Storage - Why Kiwi businesses should embrace cloud on their terms

Storage - Why Kiwi businesses should embrace cloud on their terms

Cloud adoption, in all its private, public and hybrid glory, is on the rise. Here’s how to Kiwi businesses can benefit from storage

Cloud adoption, in all its private, public and hybrid glory, is on the rise.

While this is no longer groundbreaking news for the industry, as more organisations across New Zealand take to the skies, business conditions are changing fast.

Amidst such a seismic industry change, growing volumes of data are avalanching down on IT decision makers, as cloud storage becomes an integral part of Kiwi business strategy.

During the past twelve months alone, many changes have impacted this new age of data for organisations, as the future of the storage market continues its ascension.

“There have been two clear trends in the New Zealand storage market during the past few years,” says Matt Hurford, Systems Engineer Director, NetApp Australia and New Zealand.

“Firstly we have the move to cloud, which according to a number of analysts has reduced the size of the addressable storage market for traditional storage vendors.”

The second disruption, according to Hurford, has been the rise of the storage startup. As competition increases within the marketplace, the emergence of startups in New Zealand, and across the world, are helping to shake up the status quo with innovative technologies.

Throwing a number of All Flash storage vendors into the mix also, while the new players are not taking much market share, Hurford believes they are helping to redefine the storage buying criteria.

“NetApp is well placed in the Flash market and with the All Flash FAS (AFF) offering providing the most complete Flash solution in the market today,” he adds.

“NetApp does not run its own cloud services, rather it supports and enables service providers and hyperscaler cloud providers who can leverage NetApp technologies to build best of breed cloud services.”

In the Australian and New Zealand markets, NetApp supports over 20 local cloud service providers, as well as providing storage solutions with AWS and Azure with the company’s Data ONTAP operating system ranking as the number one cloud storage OS globally.

At the heart of growing adoption of cloud storage is NetApp’s Data Fabric strategy, labelled within the industry as a key driver in positioning the company as a global data management titan.

Yet despite NetApp’s widely held belief that customers require a more unified view of enterprise data, Hurford accepts that confusion remains as to the best combination of on-premise and off-premise cloud architecture.

“A good analogy of this is when you purchase a house, you look at the rooms, but don’t really look at the plumbing, but this is crucial because if the plumbing doesn’t work, well you get the gist,” he explains.

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