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Ingram Micro helps businesses fully realize the promise of technology™—helping them maximize the value of the technology that they make, sell or use. With its vast global infrastructure and focus on cloud, mobility, supply chain and technology solutions, Ingram Micro enables business partners to operate more efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve.

No other company delivers as broad and deep a spectrum of technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Founded in 1979, Ingram Micro’s role as a leader and innovator in technology and supply chain services has fueled its rise to the 69th ranked corporation in the FORTUNE 500®

Maximising SMB cybersecurity bang for buck

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are massively important to the economy. In New Zealand, the Ministry for Business, innovation and Employment says there are about half a million SMBs, employing 20 or fewer staff, accounting for 97% of all businesses and almost a third of workers.

AI and Machine Learning is Integrated into Cybersecurity

​There isn't a security professional on the planet who thinks defending against cyber-criminals, nation-state attackers and other hackers is getting easier. The tools available to attackers are easier to access through online marketplaces on the dark web and corporate networks are increasingly interconnected and rely on third parties through cloud services.

Automated network security through openness

Today's threat landscape is both complex and fast moving. New threats emerge daily, constantly challenging security teams trying to track them down. As a result, there is a push to use more analytics, reporting and automation to understand what's going on and handle threats quickly.

Industrial networks are a new target

The Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit many businesses through unprecedented access to inexpensive, connected devices which collect or send data that can be used to help make decisions about everything from where cows are grazing to the control of complex building management systems for climate, lighting and security controls.

Device-as-a-Service: the channel’s new mobile play

There are currently three significant market trends: End user customers are increasingly looking for their technology to be provided through service models; the number of technology devices is increasing at an incredible rate; Mobile technologies deliver the greatest productivity gains to businesses.

The new reality of secure SD-WAN

​There was a time when IT departments focused on disaster recovery and business continuity whenever planning a key corporate function. But that time is becoming a distant dot in the enterprise rear-view mirror. Instead, the focus is moving towards resilience. And whereas the past was about buying two of everything "just in case", a new business model has emerged. The old "five nines" maxim, the idea that your availability is 99.999%, has been replaced by "always available". This means ensuring your network is always up.

Why SSL inspection needs to become the new standard for businesses

In a world where data security is key, it is vitally important that every business has the best protection possible for its incoming and outgoing data and that means using Secure Sockets layer (SSL) encryption, decryption and inspection. However, it is now no longer enough to trust that encrypted data transmission is completely secure because hackers and other criminals have found a way to use it to their benefit.

Physical or Virtual Firewall: What fits best for your environment?

Infrastructure, security and network experts say the rise of virtualisation has most affected the way they design, protect and operate the systems that businesses depend on. Today, both physical and virtualised systems can coexist or be part of a strategy allowing service providers and system integrators to develop solutions that meet customer needs.

How to secure your corporate Wi-Fi

Fortinet offers a different approach that helps partners and resellers leverage a customer's existing relationship and familiarity with Fortinet.

Compliance with new rules needs a comprehensive risk assessment

The key to detecting malicious activity on your network is to understand what assets you have, how different systems communicate with each other and the outside world, and what normal system activity looks like on your network. Once you understand normal, you can create a baseline so that anything outside the expected conditions can be identified, investigated and acted upon.

Security in the hybrid cloud

Cloud services are not new. Many of the technologies, such as remote access to applications, ready-to-use infrastructure and pre-configured environments have been around for many years. What has changed is the scope of different services and the scale they can offer. And the idea of having to size a system before deploying it is disappearing as new cloud platforms offer almost infinite scalability