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What to expect from your IT Distributor

Whether you’re just starting out or you’ve been around since before the dot com rollercoaster, choosing the right distribution partner can be a pivotal factor in your success. This definitive guide outlines the traits that every IT partner needs to look for in their IT Distributor.

How to become the best IT MSP

This article provides guidance for managed service providers (MSPs) that want to grow their business. It is also useful for any IT service provider looking to move from the break-fix model to managed IT services.

A revolution in networking

SD-WAN could change the way you do business. How? Let the experts from Cisco and Telegistics give you the lowdown on the best new networking technology available.

Industrial networks are a new target

The Internet of Things (IoT) can benefit many businesses through unprecedented access to inexpensive, connected devices which collect or send data that can be used to help make decisions about everything from where cows are grazing to the control of complex building management systems for climate, lighting and security controls.

Bring digital transformation to life: breaking down the cultural barriers

This past October in Christchurch and Wellington, Umbrellar held their annual Partner Breakfasts and brought together business leaders looking bring digital transformation to life in their organizations. With presentations from thought leaders Information Leadership, Walkerscott, and renowned DevOps Behaviourist, Aurynn Shaw.

The new reality of secure SD-WAN

​There was a time when IT departments focused on disaster recovery and business continuity whenever planning a key corporate function. But that time is becoming a distant dot in the enterprise rear-view mirror.

Exeed’s Restaurant Month

From Oct 16th to Nov 14th, Exeed Restaurant Month in Auckland brings you five ‘lunch and learns’ with eight networking and security vendors.

Physical or Virtual Firewall: What fits best for your environment?

Infrastructure, security and network experts say the rise of virtualisation has most affected the way they design, protect and operate the systems that businesses depend on. Today, both physical and virtualised systems can coexist or be part of a strategy allowing service providers and system integrators to develop solutions that meet customer needs.

How to secure your corporate Wi-Fi

Fortinet’s controller-based WLAN solution, FortiGate, brings together the management of wired and wireless infrastructure and security to a single platform rather than a collection of separate appliances.

Finding the NetPath to a great network

Network managers have often used tools to assist them with managing networks and diagnosing issues. But the complexity of today's networks means the tools they relied on just a couple of years ago are no longer up to the job of supporting today's complex, multi-dimensional networks.

Compliance with new rules needs a comprehensive risk assessment

The key to detecting malicious activity on your network is to understand what assets you have, how different systems communicate with each other and the outside world, and what normal system activity looks like on your network. Once you understand normal, you can create a baseline so that anything outside the expected conditions can be identified, investigated and acted upon.

Time to Upgrade Your Business

Office Home & Business 2016 is your best-in-class business solution for creating and sharing high-quality documents, spreadsheets, and presentations.

In the new world, your old security strategy won't work

While the old proverb about living in interesting times was intended as a curse, periods of change are also a time where new opportunities arise and can be exploited. When it comes to security and privacy, we are living in a rapidly changing world.

Security in the hybrid cloud

Cloud services are not new. Many of the technologies, such as remote access to applications, ready-to-use infrastructure and pre-configured environments have been around for many years. What has changed is the scope of different services and the scale they can offer

Capitalising on the DRaaS market opportunity

The need for businesses to effectively and efficiently manage unplanned outages of any scale is clear in today’s environment of always-on operation and customer service. However, effective DR strategies have traditionally been problematic to implement with challenges and complications.