Stories by Lucas Mearian

The 3D TV fad is already over

3D television programming may be out before it was ever in, according to industry analysts. In fact, the BBC just cancelled its 3D programming indefinitely.

Apple gives the Mac Pro blazing fast PCIe flash

Among a flurry of upgrades to products Apple announced today, the Mac Pro high-end desktop will be available later this year with PCIe flash storage, an upgrade that will offer 10X the performance of any hard drive the computer previously sported.

SSD prices continue to plunge

Solid-state drive pricing has dropped about 30% this year, reaching what researchers call the magic price point of $1-per-gigabyte of capacity, according to information from IHS iSupply and Dynamite Data

HP upgrades converged storage portfolio

Hewlett-Packard's Storage division has released upgrades to three product lines. A product marketing director called the upgrades the Storage division's biggest news since acquiring 3Par in 2010.