Stories by Brad Reed

RIM faces trouble despite BlackBerry 10

The last couple of years have obviously not been kind to Research in Motion, which is why the company has been hoping to generate some much-needed positive buzz by unveiling portions of its upcoming BlackBerry 10 mobile operating system this week.

First Google Android phone to debut next week

Just ten months after <a href="">Google</a> first announced the creation of its Android open source mobile phone platform, <a href=" ">T-Mobile</a> will unveil the world's first <a href="">Android</a>-powered phone next week.

Six complaints about Apple's iPhone 3G

The iPhone's 3G incarnation generated lots of hype at its launch, but it's quickly gaining a reputation for having slow data speeds and inconsistent voice service.

Verizon strikes deal, avoids strike

<a href="">Verizon</a> Sunday averted a potential labor strike by completing a new labor pact with two unions representing roughly 65,000 employees.

Twenty cool third-party iPhone apps

While the iPhone can't heal lepers or turn water into wine, it can help you do a lot of other useful things, such as sharing high-resolution videos, diagnosing your own illnesses and even creating your own virtual life form! With Apple's iPhone App Store due to go online today, we decided to take a look at some of the more interesting third-party programs, applications and Web sites that have been developed to help make your iPhone an integral tool for both work and fun.