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RIM to offer BlackBerry management via Office 365

Research in Motion announced today that users of <a href="">Microsoft's Office 365 cloud service</a>, which is expected to be available by 2012 and provide Exchange, Office, and other Microsoft technologies from a hosted environment, will support BlackBerry devices. Although there will be no monthly charge per user, businesses will still need to pay for a master BlackBerry enterprise service plan. RIM also said that Microsoft is now letting customers of <a href="">Business Productivity Onine Standard</a> -- Office 365's predecessor -- manage BlackBerrys with no monthly fee beyond the master service plan cost.

Ten future shocks for the next 10 years

The past 30 years of InfoWorld's existence have seen a series of future shocks, from the ascent of the personal computer to horrifying strains of malware to the sizzling sex appeal of the iPhone. In honor of InfoWorld's 30th anniversary, we've decided to take a playful look ahead at the future shocks that could occur in the next 10 years (30 years seemed a little too sci-fi).

Crackpot technologies that could shake up IT

It doesn't take a genius to catch on to the fact that in IT, innovation is a mandate. Push the envelope of what's possible, or find yourself relegated to wayside. But, to borrow a favored David St. Hubbins Spinal Tap aphorism, there's a fine line between clever and crackpot when it comes to making good on technological breakthroughs in the enterprise.

Microsoft: Listening to customers on XP, cites extensions

Microsoft officials are aware of InfoWorld's "Save XP" <a href="">petition effort</a>, which is asking the company to keep Windows XP for sale indefinitely rather than drop the popular OS from most sales outlets <a href="">on June 30</a> as planned.