Stories by Tom Jowitt

SMBs risk data loss by neglecting backups

Small to medium businesses (SMBs) are risking the loss of valuable corporate data because they are failing to take enough steps to secure their data and are not backing it up.

Start-up set to take on Skype over video

A US company has upgraded its cross-platform videoconferencing service and at the same time launched a new plan designed to broaden its appeal to the small to medium business (SMB) segment.

Complex firewalls cost money says new report

Most organisations are getting a poor return on their investments in firewalls due to the complex issues in managing them. This is despite the fact that enterprises are facing on average 300 network attacks every year.

Fujitsu Siemens adds 'kill pill' to laptops

Fujitsu Siemens Computers (FSC) is to offer a security bundle for its customers that will allow them to locate their laptops, as well as protect confidential data, in case of theft.

Opera promises faster surfing with new browser

Opera Software, which is battling hard for market share with Google's Chrome, is promising users a faster surfing experience, an improved email client, and better browser-synchronisation capabilities, with the latest version of its browser launched last week.

Blackberry Storm to hit in November

Research In Motion (RIM) is continuing to confront the encroachment of Apple's iPhone into its traditional business arena, with a second iPhone killer device, this time featuring a touch screen. The device, which it is expected Vodafone New Zealand will announce this afternoon, will be officially available exclusively to Vodafone subscribers in Europe, India, Australia and New Zealand, and Verizon Wireless subscribers in the United States soon.

CA rethinks as product range rationalised

CA, long regarded as one of the most acquisitive IT companies with a massive product portfolio, has quietly undergone a software development overhaul so it can offer customers a better integrated product set.

IBM releases ODF-based Office killer

IBM has officially launched the commercial version of its Lotus Symphony suite of productivity applications, and looks set amount a challenge to Microsoft Office in its enterprise heartland.

Survey shows up 'document mayhem' in the UK

Public sector computer users are more computer compliant than their private sector brethren when it comes to storing data, despite high profile disasters such as the HM Revenue & Customs losing 25 million personal records in the post.

UK gov't urged to adopt codes for broadband service

An independent watchdog body has urged the U.K. telecoms regulator to come up with a mandatory code of practice for U.K. broadband ISPs, to allay user concerns that they are being short-changed over broadband speeds.