Stories by Jon Gold

What time is it? It's smartwatch time!

By Jon Gold | 05 September, 2013 20:01

Having helped drive watches from the wrists of smartphone users around the world, the smartphone industry is now seemingly bent on bringing them back – on its own terms, of course.

Solar-powered Ubuntu laptop to launch

A Canadian IT consultancy has announced that it will soon begin selling an Ubuntu laptop that "never needs to be plugged in," thanks to solar power. The SOL, as WeWi Telecommunications dubs the device, is designed to be used in developing nations, which may have limited infrastructure available.

Moto X vs. iPhone 5: Head to head

Last week's rollout of the Motorola Moto X was headline-making for several reasons. Beyond the obvious novelty of being the first flagship release from the company since the RAZR HD line last fall, it's also the first since Google completed its acquisition of Motorola Mobility in May.

Samsung: Pay no attention to that code behind the curtain

Like educational experts who complain when instructors "teach to the test," to create positive report numbers rather than smarter kids, Android-watchers are angry with Samsung for doing much the same thing with its hardware this week.