Stories by Agam Shah

IBM, Hitachi team up to advance chip research

IBM and Hitachi are expected to announce a research agreement this week in which the companies will collaborate to improve semiconductor technology, including shrinking the features on silicon chips.

HP shows off future printing technologies

Hewlett-Packard Monday offered a peek into future printing technologies, introducing a new inkjet printer that prints thousands of pages per minute and ink that retains its shine even when exposed to extreme elements.

Top technology companies form gaming alliance

Some of the top technology companies, including Intel, Microsoft, Dell and Advanced Micro Devices joined forces Tuesday to form the PC Gaming Alliance, which will try to promote the PC as a gaming platform.

Wal-Mart adopts Blu-ray, dumps HD DVD format

Last friday Wal-Mart, the largest US retailer said it would phase out the sales of HD DVD offerings and exclusively offer high-definition Blu-ray hardware and DVDs by the middle of this year.

Dell moves AMD consumer PCs offline to retail

Dell has scaled back the range of consumer PCs with processors from Advanced Micro Devices that it sells on its web site, focussing almost exclusively on systems with Intel processors.

Nvidia plans to buy Ageia

Nvidia has announced that it had agreed to acquire graphics vendor Ageia Technologies for an undisclosed amount.

Dell shuts 140 retail kiosks in US

Dell on Wednesday announced the shutdown of retail kiosks in malls throughout the US as it adjusts its evolving product distribution strategy. A local Dell spokesperson said the shutdown would not impact the Australian market and its nine kiosks nationally.