Stories by Jeremy Kirk

FBI investigates Unisys over US government hack

IT systems integrator Unisys Corp. is under fire for allegedly failing to detect the hacking of U.S. Department of Homeland Security computers, an incident that resulted in data being sent to a Chinese-language Web site.

UK prepares to let 3G services run on 2G spectrum

The U.K. is considering letting mobile phone operators run 3G (third-generation) services on frequencies reserved for 2G services, a change that could mean better 3G coverage and lower costs for the public, the government's telecommunications regulator said Thursday.

Google Earth gets starry-eyed

Google may just be the center of the universe now: A new add-on for its Earth satellite program, called Sky, lets users explore space and see photos of the precise star formation overhead based on their locale.

Microsoft previews SP1 for Exchange Server 2007

Microsoft Corp. is offering a preview of the first service pack for Exchange Server 2007, an update that binds the company's latest e-mail server closer to other so-called unified communications products.

UK report: accountability for ISPs in online safety

one regulation on ISPs: By the end of 2007, ISPs must block web sites involving images of child abuse as listed on a database maintained by the Internet Watch Foundation.A new report on internet safety has concluded ISPs should take more responsibility for online security since end users are often lax.

Identity framework moving to next phase

The Liberty Alliance Project has started developing technical specifications for how companies can protect sensitive personal data within their IT systems and securely share that data with other organisations.

Beatnik music downloads ten-times faster

US software company Beatnik is approaching mobile phone operators with a new music download system that compresses songs up to 10 times more than the MP3 format, allowing for faster downloads on lower-end mobile phones equipped with the company's software.