Stories by Lee Davis

Jack of IT trades shuffles the deck

Totalcom is a 20-year-old computer supply company based at everybody’s favourite holiday town of Mount Manganui. The company is currently in the middle of a business model overhaul.

The sky is falling - quick, do something

Austerity is a funny word. It’s oddly reminiscent of some kind of unorthodox castration, and in practice it probably is. According to the Oxford English Dictionary the word Austerity comes to us through Middle English via Old French from the Latin austerus, then from really, really old Greek austçros meaning ‘severe'. Which in ancient times meant not so much humus on your souvlaki.

A Gisborne lifetime of office technology

A few of us can remember a time of punch tape and valve technology but Martin Lowe, co-owner with Paul Benge of BAL in Gisborne, goes back even further. He remembers a time when he had to modify the cogs of imported counting machines from a decimal base ten to cope with base 12, 20 and 240, which were needed then to work with the Imperial money system.

Govt ICT procurement 'speed dating' event a hit

“Definitely useful” is how many ICT companies are describing the government’s Meet the Buyer 'speed dating' event held in Wellington earlier this month. One company, Touchtech LTD, a mobile cloud services provider, says it has already won some business as a result of the conference.

Would you bypass IT to access the cloud?

A survey says many Australian and New Zealand executives would be prepared to use unapproved cloud services, with nearly one out of six people surveyed saying they would skirt their own company IT rules to access cloud apps.

My precious

This issue’s rant centres on the sandwich-spitting moment when this commentator found out that actors in this country used to be somewhat protected from the influx of overseas talent by the Immigration Act.

Kirk Trownson started his business with $200

Kirk Trownson, founder of Palmerston North’s Techexpress says that starting out in 2009 at a low point in the economy helped to future proof the company. If it can succeed in tough times the company should be good to go when things brighten up.

Putting business intelligence on the map

If you want to know where you’re going, get a map. But if you want to know what’s all around you, you could use a little Business Intelligence with that map. Kiwi company GeoSmart has created BIonaMap, giving users a new way to look at a broad set of sales data.

Lets meet our buyers

Huzzah, something good to write about for a change. The chance has finally arisen to meet the buyers. No, it’s not a chance to take along the poison-tipped umbrella in order to surreptitiously jab the people who you know do not favour your solution in the leg and thus render them a drooling fool, but it’s more a chance to get to know who is buying your stuff and to grab an opportunity to put across your genuine unique selling point.

Nek Minnit

So here I am, Clever Trevor, living in a small Waikato town with a famous toilet and working as a trainee manager at the Huntly Countdown. It’s not much of a job but it’s the only job I can get. I have an injury that means I can’t drive trucks anymore. My eyes point inwards and my teeth are rented. The money at Countdown is not very good. I have to budget for all the bills and if something out of the ordinary comes along like a new scooter, I just can’t physically pay for it because the money is not physically in my pocket. I’m living week to week, like 90 per cent of us. I left my scooter outside the dairy and NEK MINNIT, I’m a millionaire. (If you’re unfamiliar with our two new friends that I’ve combined above, then unblock your Youtube access and search for Nek Minnit and last week’s Lotto winner.)

Huawei dealers keep mum on spying claims

Huawei dealers are keeping schtum on recent spying claims involving the Chinese-owned company. The New Zealand government came under fire recently for allowing Huawei to become involved in the roll out of the UFB project in New Zealand after Australia, and the USA has banned Huawei from bidding on certain contracts in those counties because of fears that Huawei is linked to spying activity relating to its company directors’ military backgrounds.

Any option in a storm

Have you heard the one about the port authority that wanted to sack all of its workers? Press one for the punch line, two for someone who gives a hoot and three for a container full of the stuff that comes out of male cows.

High kiwi dollar spurring competition for Kiwi businesses

Overseas firms are now increasingly looking for new hunting grounds. And New Zealand has appeared on their radars because our high dollar now means they have a prospect to earn decent money and take it back with them. They can buy back their own currency with a New Zealand dollar that’s never been as strong or as stable as now.