Stories by Lee Davis

Insanity later

We’ve come a long way since Jerry Seinfeld ruled the TV ratings. I remember how in one episode Seinfeld’s sidekick George Costanza helped his neurotic father, Frank, to sell a bunch of computers.

The very secret sauce of government RFPs

Before I discovered Linux, I used to think open source was a lidless container of a culinary flavouring, like Daddies. This brand is ubiquitous in the UK, so commonplace that in the 33 years I spent there, I never realised how much naughtiness was in its name. Maybe living in the land of Benny Hill and Carry On films — the factory floor of double entendres — inured me to the joke.

Faint heart never won fair maiden

"Who dares wins," is the often repeated motto of our good friends in the Special Air Services. "Faint heart never won fair maiden," is another saying in the same vein from Olde England.

The cascade effect

At the dawn of the year 2000, amidst the hope and trepidation of what a new year, a new decade, a new century and a new millennium would bring, a small crowd gathered on a hill top to be the first people in the world to see the sunrise of the new era.

No rush to cloud in wee town of Balclutha

Tony Simpson of Computer Solutions in Balclutha says the cloud is a hard sell to the good folk of his town because they’re a conservative bunch and they like to know exactly where their data is.

Seeing stars

Just one of the lovely things about my home and its location is that on a clear night I have a very good view of the stars. There is very little light pollution out in the wop wops.

Liberate IT practices what it preaches, without the brick and mortar

There is nothing more inspiring for a customer than buying something from a company that practices what it preaches. Liberate IT is a North Island-based start up from 2011, specialising in selling NetSuite ERP to small and medium sized business. A distinction of Liberate IT is the conscious decision the company made from the start to have no physical office.