Stories by Lee Davis

It's steady as she goes at Westcon NZ

In a changing ICT sector, Weston Group New Zealand managing director, Dave Rosenberg, advises not to wait for possible changes in the market but to work with what is there.

Statistics NZ calls for business intelligence

Government agency, Statistics New Zealand, has issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) calling for business intelligence solutions that will help provide a more efficient way to present the country’s statistics as a business service.

3D printed gun fires up sales

Sales of 3D printers have doubled for an Auckland-based distributor since a story about making all-plastic guns hit the headlines in May.

The learning never stops at Nebula Computers

Andrew Eatock of Nebula Computers near Huntly, in the Waikato is taking a short break to upgrade his networking skills. He’s currently in the last phase of a CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) course which he says will enable him to service his clients better, especially the larger corporates where he can get to the backbone systems.

Like magic

I have a confession to make. The family were away for the weekend so I got to do whatever I want around the house for a change. This involved lying around naked and half drunk on Viognier and spooning a selection of expensive cheeses into my belly. But my real sin was succumbing to the desire to watch 80s porn in the form of Oliver Stone’s Wall Street. The message sat well with my lone disposition: Greed is Good. More cheese, yes please.

Selling the big Apple to Hawke's Bay

A clash with testicular cancer had a life changing effect on Hawke’s Bay reseller Andrew Johnson. The illness signalled a turnaround from hi-flying developer, IBM super hero and owner of one of the region’s major ISPs, (InfoLink Systems) to chilled-out Mac sales guy who is happy to offer free advice in exchange for a good cup of coffee. Johnson now sees his business as a way of helping people, or paying it back and giving more than he takes. As a business philosophy, it’s proving a hit with customers.

Inches in New Zealand

I bought a little Galaxy Mini from the Vodafone stall in the mall the other day. The sales person had a badge that told me that he was a “Smart Phone Ninja”. A Ninja, I thought for a moment with true wonder. This person has been studying the technology of smart phones from the age of three judging by his acne. For a laugh I asked him, “What version of Android is on this phone; Ice Cream Sandwich or Hamburger?”