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Bottom line: Should you upgrade to OS X Yosemite?

Recently we've covered OS X Yosemiteup one side and down the other. Read through our guides for installing Yosemite; getting familiar with the new operating system's design; putting Handoff and Continuity to good use; and learning about changes to Safari, Notification Center, [<a

Apple quickly issues iOS 8.0.2 update

Apple has issued the iOS 8.0.2 update, which follows quickly on the heels of the flawed-and-quickly-pulled 8.0.1 update that disabled Touch ID and cellular capabilities on the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. This latest update not only addresses these issues but reinstates the improvements and fixes initially found in iOS 8.0.1. They include:

Innovation and iteration: The two sides of Apple

If you're the kind of person who frequently peruses publications of a technical nature, you've undoubtedly seen the headlines: "Apple no longer innovates!" And although I know that these headlines and accompanying stories are generated largely to raise dander and attract clicks, I must agree with their main thrust. Currently, Apple isn't innovating.

Unhappy with iOS 7? Downgrade while you still can

Despite the many warnings that iOS 7 was going to have a radically new look and it was worth it for some people to take a slow approach to upgrading, many people ventured blindly forth and were unhappy with the results. While raging at the dying of the light is one approach, there remains another--downgrade to iOS 6.

Get to know iOS 7: Music and iTunes Radio

Some detractors criticised iOS 6's Music app for its reliance on album art. Cover art dominated its Playlists, Artists, Albums, Composers, and Genres screens, while its Songs screen eschewed any sort of art. The iOS 7 version takes a different approach.

Apple releases Power Nap-enabling firmware updates for recent MacBooks

With Mountain Lion, Apple includes a Power Nap feature that allows recent SSD-equipped MacBooks to perform certain jobs while asleep, including backing up to Time Machine, checking for email messages, and performing some iCloud synchronization tasks. But owners of some MacBook Airs (2011 or newer) and retina display MacBook Pro models found Power Nap conspicuous in its absence when Mountain Lion was first released.

First Look: Kodak Zx1 and Flip UltraHD

High-definition pocket camcorders are becoming increasingly popular items to shove in a pocket or purse thanks to their relatively low cost, portability, and ability to move video quickly from camera, to computer, to Web. Two of the major players in the pocket camcorder business have recently released new models. Pure Digital today announced and released two new Flip Ultra camcorders--the $149 Flip UltraSD and the $200 Flip UltraHD. Kodak, makers of the popular Zi6 ( Macworld rated 4 out of 5 mice ), has recently released the $150 high-definition Zx1 pocket camcorder. I've been fortunate enough to have the Flip UltraHD and Zx1 in my possession for the last few days. These are my first impressions.

Do Mac users need antivirus software?

Last week, in my Norton AntiVirus Begone! entry, I offered instructions for removing Norton AntiVirus from a Mac. That entry appeared in this week's Macworld Weekly Newsletter and prompted a slew of messages along these lines:

Sonos Multi-Room Music System 2.7

Read enough reviews and you understand that part of a reviewer's job is to present an unemotional -- even detached -- evaluation of Product X, Y, or Z. For this reason, you almost never see reviews that begin:

2G iPod classic

Think back to the first new car you owned, how you loved its smell, its glimmering paint, its awesome newness. Then recall, four years later, when it--with its scratches, stains, dings, and unattractive habits--becomes nothing more than a reliable mode of transportation. This is the kind of utility we find in today's iPod classic.

Apple rolls out 2.0.2 update for Apple TV

Apple released Apple TV Software 2.0.2 Monday, an update that, from all appearances, brings a single new features and a collection of unenumerated bug-fixes to Apple's set-top box. As with the previous 2.0.1 update, this update was released with little fanfare.

2GB iPod shuffle

We're all busy people so let's cut to the chase, shall we? Read this review of the original second-generation <a href="">iPod shuffle</a> (). I'll wait.