Stories by Neil Bennett

Adobe confirms Creative Suite 6 (CS6) will ship in first half of 2012

Adobe has confirmed that Creative Suite 6 will ship in the first half of 2012 in a <a href="">posting about an upgrade offer.</a> This isn't surprising - when <a href="">Adobe released Creative Suite 5.5 in May last year</a>, it announced it was moving from an 18-month .0 upgrade cycle to releasing .5 upgrades every year or so.

UK computer makers respond to Intel's Sandy Bridge recall

Following Intel's announcement of a <a href="">design flaw</a> in a chipset used alongside its brand new Sandy Bridge line of Core i5 and i7 processors, we asked a number of vendors producing workstations aimed at the creative markets how this would affect any current customers, and whether they'd have to stop selling any systems. So far, Armari and InterPro Workstations have replied.

Apple LED Cinema Display

Following the addition of well-received LED screens to its laptops, Apple's first desktop display - the Apple LED Cinema Display - boasts great styling (as you'd expect) and some innovative functions.

Adobe Premiere Pro CS4: beta preview

Premiere Pro CS3 was short on new features if you weren't bothered about outputting your video to mobile phones, and the fact that Encore was now bundled with the software didn't feel like extra value if, like most users, you bought the CS3 Production Premium bundled. However, the CS4 version goes some way to turning the tool into a true competitor for Apple's mighty Final Cut Pro. It has one outstandingly useful new feature, plus a bunch of welcome additions.

Quark launches QuarkXPress 8

Quark has announced the next full release of its flagship DTP application, QuarkXPress 8. The company says that whereas version 7 concentrated on expanding on the application's feature set, QuarkXPress 8 overhauls the interface and workflow.