Stories by Colin Neagle

NASA breakthrough improves 3D printing in space

One of the limitations of 3D printing has been its inability to use different types of materials while printing one product. This has been an obstacle for 3D printing in space travel, which sometimes requires parts composed of several different materials.

Hack victims urged to share the gory details

It may be difficult to remember now, but not too long ago, cyberattacks rarely made headlines in mainstream news. That's not to say that these advanced persistent threats, sometimes state-sponsored or the product of organized crime, were uncommon. On the contrary, they were booming. It was just that few people liked to talk about them.

3D-printed rifle fires three shots, designer claims up to 14

The competition for most successful 3D-printed firearm has moved to Canada, where a man known only as "Matthew" claims to have designed a 3D-printed rifle that withstood 14 shots. In a YouTube video published last Friday, the rifle is fired successfully three times before a text screen claims it developed a crack in the barrel after firing 14 total shots.