Stories by Chris Mellor

Intel energy-efficient claim debunked

After Intel CEO Paul Otellini bragged that Intel's Xeon chip was the most energy-efficient processor Neal Nelson compared it to AMD's offering and found that Intel wasn't being exactly truthful.

D-Link promotes power-saving switches

D-link has announced Ethernet desktop switches that, it claims, use up to 44 percent less power than existing 5-port switches. It said it was the first company to bring such green Ethernet switches to the market.

Memory manufacturer goes for RAM-cached flash disk

Texas Memory Systems (TMS) has responded to cheaper flash-memory-based solid state drive competition for its DRAM-based RamSan by introducing its own flash product. But it has also added a DRAM cache to make it perform faster.

Virtualised SANs for virtual servers

Now you can have a virtualised and thinly-provisioned storage area network (SAN) in a total virtual server and hardware-independent environment, as DataCore has released its SANmelody and SANsymphony products as virtual machines.

HP recycles a billion pounds of e-waste

HP has recycled half a billion pounds of e-waste in three years and plans to recycle another billion by the end of 2010 -- but is the figure just be a measure of the size of HP's ink cartridge mountain?

IP SANs come in from the cold

In a sign of the growing importance of IP networked storage the SNIA has elected new leaders to an IP Storage Forum and outlined an activity program.