Stories by Tony Bradley Chatter Goes Mobile with New Apps launched its Chatter service--<a href="">coopting the social networking model</a> as a business productivity platform--at the beginning of the summer. With fall fast approaching, Salesforce unveiled plans to take the Chatter show on the road with new mobile apps for the major smartphone and tablet platforms.

'iCulture' gives Apple a tactical advantage

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled an updated line of iPods last week, including the updated iPod Touch 4 which is essentially an iPhone 4 without the phone function. The range of gadgets available from Apple offer a degree of consistency that gives it a tactical advantage over competing smartphones and tablets.

LG announces plans to jump on Android tablet bandwagon

Like virtually every other hardware vendor, LG has announced plans to join the tablet PC revolution. It seems that LG might be following in HP's footsteps, though, by abandoning the Windows 7 tablet prototype it has been promoting in favor of a tablet built on a mobile OS platform.

Bigger is not always better with hard drive storage

Seagate announced a breakthrough in hard drive storage -- blowing past the previous 2.2 Terabyte limitation to develop the first 3Tb hard drive. While that is impressive from a technology standpoint, 3Tb is a lot of data to entrust to a single device. It may not be wise for businesses to place all of their data 'eggs' in a single 3Tb (or larger) 'basket'.

McAfee adds mobile security with Trust Digital purchase

McAfee sees the mobility writing on the wall, and it recognizes that the technologies its customers rely increasingly on smartphones and other mobile technologies to conduct business. McAfee announced that is acquiring Trust Digital as part of a strategic focus to deliver the tools IT administrators need to effectively manage and secure mobile devices.

Intel Takes on ARM for Mobile Processor Market

Intel is virtually synonymous with processor technology. Intel has been the leading developer of the chips that drive servers, desktops, notebooks, and even net books, but it is conspicuously absent from the <a href="">rapidly growing smartphone</a>--and now tablet--market.

HP Promises Everything the iPad Isn't with Slate

HP <a href="">released a new video</a> showing off its upcoming "iPad killer"--the Slate tablet PC. The video is reminiscent of Verizon's "Droid Does" campaign highlighting all of the capabilities of the Android-based Droid that the Apple iPhone can't deliver. In a mere 30 seconds HP manages to demonstrate that its tablet is--in a nutshell--everything Apple's iPad isn't.

Google Nexus One phone could break exclusivity barriers

Rumors have been circulating for a while now that Google is developing its own Android-based handset. The Wall Street Journal reports that the rumors are confirmed and that Google employees are currently using a prototype of the Google device, which will be dubbed the Nexus One.

Microsoft Office Web Apps: First Look

We've been waiting for years to see what Microsoft's answer to Google Docs would be, and now we're getting a look. The Technical Preview of Microsoft Office Web Apps is here. Microsoft had originally <a href="">planned to roll out the Technical Preview</a> by August, but that timeframe slipped by. You never get a second chance at a first impression though, so better to delay the introduction than to get off on the wrong foot if there were serious issues with the software.

Windows 7 Moves People to the Cloud

One of the hottest buzzwords in technology is the 'Cloud'. Vendors across all types of computer applications and services are looking for ways to <a href="">leverage the power of cloud computing</a>. Microsoft takes that a step further by making it easier to move a different kind of resource to the cloud: people.