Stories by Tony Bradley

4G wireless now a necessity for businesses

Sprint and AT&T both unveiled new 4G coverage zones today. The realm of 4G wireless networking continues to grow with each passing week, and for business users it has matured from a luxury to a necessity.

Opinion: Surface RT can help small businesses reduce IT costs

Microsoft caved to market pressure and sagging demand this week by slashing the price of the Surface RT tablet by 30 per cent. The Surface RT is better-equipped for business than rival tablets, and at $US350 ( $US470 once you add a Touch or Type keyboard cover, which it requires to be truly functional) it straddles the line between tablet and PC, and could help business customers rein in IT costs.

Microsoft Ready to Cash In on Big Gamble

Microsoft revealed the date this week when it plans to start collecting on its bets. As of October 26--the official release date for Windows 8--all the cards will be on the table, and we will see if the gamble will pay off or not.

New Windows 8 logo is pure genius

Microsoft unveiled a new look for the Windows logo for Windows 8. There seems to be a dramatic rise inbranding and style experts online, and some significant backlash around the internet, but all of that misses the point of why the new Windows 8 logo is a brilliant move.

Why the Tablet 'Fad' Will Never Die

One of my PCWorld comrades, Katherine Noyes, recently wrote a story titled "Why Tablets Are Just a Fad". Katherine and I often find ourselves in opposing camps on various issues, and apparently tablets are no different. So, I offer up my counterpoint explaining how Ms. Noyes is off base, and describing why tablets are a "fad" like horseless carriages, or that Internet thing were fads.

Trend Micro purchase boosts data protection

Trend Micro announced that it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mobile Armor -- a company that specializes in endpoint data protection. The move strengthens Trend Micro's data protection capabilities and positions it to address the growing concern of securing data on mobile devices that are easily lost or stolen.

Apple iOS leads rivals in business, but not for long

New figures from Good Technology show that Apple's iOS is dominating mobile platform adoption for business use -- accounting for as many new activations as Android, Windows Mobile, and WebOS combined. However, as competition continues to get more intense in both smartphones and tablets Apple will have a difficult time retaining such a dominant stake.