Stories by Tony Bradley

Report finds iOS apps riskier than Android apps

How many apps do you have on your smartphone or tablet right now? Well, take that number, and multiply it by 0.9. That's about how many of your apps are a potential security concern according to a new study from Appthority.

Time machines: take charge of your life with these time trackers

If you've ever felt fried at the end of your work day yet couldn't account for how you got to that state, you're not alone. One task blurs into another leaving no record of how you spent your time. That's where a time tracker can help. Whether you just want to track your professional tasks to assess your productivity or you actually bill clients by the hour, these tools can help you reclaim lost time and develop more efficient work habits.

The top 5 security threats to watch for in 2014

The year's barely started, and we've already had enough data breaches at major retailers to make a barter economy seem like a good idea. Unfortunately there are yet more security threats to look forward to in 2014. Here are the biggest ones we anticipate.

Why mobile and Cloud will converge to become Mobile Cloud

Everything's coming up mobile these days. Gartner estimates that PC sales will make up only about 13 percent of device sales in 2013 - and some undisclosed portion of those PCs are notebooks. The more we rely on small, mobile devices to get things done, the more we also depend on Cloud storage and services to extend functionality beyond what the mobile device itself is capable of. That's why mobile and Cloud will become mobile Cloud.

Windows Phone Update 3: Five things that make it better for business

Microsoft unveiled the next generation of the Windows Phone mobile operating system this week--blandly named "Update 3." The new version of Microsoft's smartphone platform contains a variety of updates and new features--many of which will make Windows Phone smartphones better for business users.

Protect your business from Web celebs

Miley Cyrus is dangerous. That's not a commentary on her music. It isn't even an indictment of her recent twerking antics at the MTV Video Music Awards. Miley Cyrus is one of the most dangerous Web celebrities when it comes to cyber threats according to the McAfee 2013 Most Dangerous Cyber Celebrity report.

Secure your small-business network without spending a dime

You have a target on your back. In 2012, 31 per cent of cyberattacks were aimed at small businesses, and that staggering number is 100 per cent attributable to inadequate--or nonexistent--security measures at many of these firms, which might as well be an open invitation to hackers.

Will Nokia help Microsoft regain relevance with businesses?

Microsoft rocked the tech world today with the announcement that it is spending about $7 billion to acquire Nokia. The move has a variety of potential benefits and ramifications, and many of those could have an impact on how your business relates to Microsoft in the years to come.

Should your next PC be a Surface Pro?

Microsoft revealed that it's limited-time $100 discount on Surface Pro pricing isn't so limited after all. The discount is now permanent, and Microsoft cut the cost of the Touch keyboard cover as well. The reduced pricing makes the Surface Pro more attractive, but it's still not enough to significantly sway sales.

Will iWork for iCloud work for you?

Apple has made iWork for iCloud available to the masses. It's technically still in beta, but now anyone can use the Cloud-based versions of Pages, Numbers, or Keynote from an iCloud account. The question is whether or not iWork is the right suite of tools for you to use.