Stories by John Mark V. Tuazon

EMC intensifies push for 'Google for the Enterprise'

While the animosity towards the cloud remains at an all-time high due to reliability and security issues, information infrastructure vendor on Thursday reiterated its push for the private cloud, which can basically bring the powers of Google to the enterprise.

Step aside, cloud: 'crowd computing' the future of IT too

While firms are up on their toes in their respective bids to take their companies to the cloud--touted to be the future of computing--a visiting MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) professor suggested Tuesday a complementary technology that will harness new silos of computing power, by way of the crowd.

Analytics to transform business of tomorrow: SAS CTO

Simple business intelligence solutions may not be enough for most firms as they only provide simple queries and reporting modules, whereas a new definition for business analytics (BA) is emerging that has the potential to transform business in the future, the CTO (chief technology officer) of BA software firm SAS remarked recently.

Avaya-Nortel merger ups 'plug & play' communications bid

After its much-publicized move to buy enterprise communications provider Nortel, Avaya on Wednesday unveiled its roadmap for the next several years, taking a keen focus on enabling "plug and play" communications and an open architecture for enterprise communications solutions.