Stories by Jonathan Hassell

Why net neutrality matters to your business

Net neutrality is about more than individual consumers' rights to stream video over the Web without paying extra for it. Partitioning the Internet into haves and have-nots will give big companies yet another advantage over smaller, more disruptive firms.

Is hardware back? Mobile and Cloud technology offer clues

If you haven't been living under a rock, you've heard pundits proclaim the death of the PC. As consumers move to tablets and stop buying laptops and desktops, and as companies pinch IT budgets even harder than they have in the past, it's easy to paint a doomsday scenario for hardware. Even the hardware companies play into this myth — look no further than AMD to see weakness portrayed. For many, it seems, hardware has lost its sexiness.

System Centre Virtual Machine Manager

On Tuesday, Microsoft released to manufacturing System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008. The final code will be shipped on Nov. 1. The company bills the software as one-stop organization, allowing administrators to set up and deploy new virtual machines and manage hosts and other virtual infrastructure elements from one console.

HP BladeSystem fills gap in the market

There has been a dearth of conveniently packaged servers for the midsize market. HP decided to try to change that with the introduction of the HP BladeSystem c3000. I recently tested a well-equipped unit, and overall, my impressions were positive.

RTM edition of Microsoft Hyper-V adds speed

Last week, Microsoft released its virtualization product, Hyper-V, to manufacturing. Previously, the company had promised to make a production-supported version of Hyper-V available to Windows Server 2008 customers within 180 days of the official release of the operating system itself. By releasing Hyper-V in late June, Microsoft beat its self-imposed deadline by about a month, although delivering less than was originally promised.

What to expect from Microsoft in 2007

It's that time of year, when budgets are planned, needs are assessed and technology departments everywhere look toward Microsoft to see what's coming down the pipe in the new year. Here's what IT administrators and business desktop managers can expect from the software giant in 2007, along with a couple of surprises slated for 2008 that might pop up this year as a holiday gift.