Stories by Dan Frakes

Which iPhone accessories will work with the 5s and 5c?

Each time Apple introduces a new iPhone model, we get many questions about compatiblity: Will the accessories you already own--cases, speakers, chargers, and the like--work with the new model? In some years, such as when Apple replaced the iPhone 4 with the iPhone 4S, there are few physical and electrical differences, so almost everything works. Other times, Apple changes both the size and the electronics of the phone: The iPhone 5, for example, had both a different shape and a completely different charge/sync connector.

Logitech debuts Squeezebox Touch, Radio

Logitech on Thursday announced two new additions to the company's Squeezebox line of wireless network music players: the Squeezebox Touch and the Squeezebox Radio. Both models let you listen to your (DRM-free) computer-hosted music, as well as internet radio and subscription-music services, via an 802.11g wireless network. The $300 Squeezebox Touch is a enhanced version of the Squeezebox. Like the older model, the Touch is a wireless music device that lets you listen to digital audio through an existing audio system. But the new 4.3-inch touchscreen display shows full-colour album art during playback and lets you, for the first time, use your fingers to navigate the player's onscreen menus and select music. The Touch also offers improved audio specs, including support for sample rates of up to 24 bits at 96 kHz, and provides a USB port and an SD-card slot for accessing music and images stored on flash-memory devices. An optional ($100) bracket will be available for custom mounting the Squeezebox Touch on a wall and routing power and audio cables inside the wall.

Targus Bluetooth Presenter

Among the myriad uses for a laptop is giving presentations using PowerPoint or, for Mac users, Keynote. In fact, for many notebook owners, it's a primary use. Those who move around while speaking know the value of being able to control your presentation from across the room or stage, and Apple's recent laptops include an infrared sensor that provides basic remote control of your slides using Apple's Remote. But the Remote, while compact and light, lacks features and works only if you've got a direct line of sight between the remote and your MacBook's infrared sensor.

Razer ProType keyboard

If you're looking for a new keyboard, and you've also got an iPod or iPhone, Razer's ProType aims to clean up some desk clutter by combining a full-featured keyboard with an iPod dock. It's an interesting idea that mostly works well, but it does have a few minor issues.

diNovo Edge Mac Edition keyboard

Ever since Logitech released the Windows-only diNovo Edge keyboard, back in 2006, many Mac users have wished for a Mac version. Sporting great key feel, lots of special features, and a beautiful design, it was a drool-worthy input device--and, at US$200, came with a jaw-dropping price to match. Two years later, Mac users finally got their wish. Thankfully, the diNovo Edge Mac Edition is just as much of a standout keyboard. And get this: at $160, the Mac Edition is actually $20 cheaper than the current price of the Windows version. (You can thank Apple for including Bluetooth in every shipping Mac for that one; Windows users pay for an included USB Bluetooth adapter.) And while it's still expensive, if you spend hours each day using your keyboard, the Edge may well be worth its premium price.

First look: Fourth-generation iPod nano

The new nano leaves behind the shorter, wider shape of the third-generation (3G) model to embrace the taller, slimmer profile of the nanos of old--even slimmer, in fact, than those older models. But along with its new shape, the fourth-generation (4G) iPod nano also incorporates new hardware features and new software.

Stay-at-home mobile accessories

Most laptop gear is designed to enhance your mobile life, but what about all those hours you spend using your portable at home? Here are two laptop accessories for your humble abode.

Best Sudoku apps for iPhone and iPod touch

Chances are, you're fully aware that the number-placement logic game <a href="">Sudoku</a> is massively popular. But if you've been in a cave the past few years and need evidence, look no further than the 18 (and counting) versions of Sudoku apps available in the iTunes App Store, ranging in price from US99 cents to $10.

13-inch laptop bags

There are many, many generic laptop cases out there that fit any notebook. And among those made for specific laptop sizes, the most-common specification is "fits 15-inch laptops." But if you've got a smaller portable, these bags and cases are just too big--your laptop often slides around inside, and the bag itself is often larger than it needs to be. In today's Mobile Mac, I take a look at three compact bags made specifically for Apple's 13-inch notebooks, the MacBook and MacBook Air.

B&W Zeppelin

<a href="">Bowers & Wilkins</a>, more commonly known as B&W, has been making quality speaker systems with unique--dare I say <a href="">beautiful</a>--designs since the 1960s. In other words, since before most iPod owners were born. Yet, like a handful of other audiophile companies bucking the anti-iPod audiophile trend, the company has recently embraced the iPod via the Zeppelin, a high-end, one-piece ("desktop") speaker system.

AirPort Express (802.11n) Base Station

Like the original AirPort Express Base Station, released in 2004, Apple's latest version is a Wi-Fi access point compact enough (3.6 by 2.9 by 1.1 inches, 6.7 ounces) to fit in a laptop bag and designed to plug directly into an electrical outlet. You can use the Express to create a wireless network of its own or to extend the range of a network provided by another Express or by an <a href="">AirPort Extreme Base Station</a> (US$179). Security options include WPA and WPA2 encryption--Personal and Enterprise versions--as well as the older WEP.