Stories by Chris Bell

Lite is right? The future of thin computing

Thin client vendor Wyse’s CEO, Tarkan Maner, drives around in a car with a bumper sticker featuring a PC with a red line through it. Even in Silicon Valley, this is often misinterpreted as a protest against political correctness, but Wyse has always been seen as the ‘anti-PC company’.

Evolving from box-drop to value-add

In a recession, resellers can’t afford just to be box-shifters. As their customers lose their appetite for risk; desktop, server and laptop refreshes occur less frequently. Resellers have to create revenue streams that insure them against squeezed margins and lengthening IT product lifecycles.

Wyse to introduce tiered partner programme

Thin client specialist Wyse is introducing a three-tier partner programme for New Zealand resellers on 1 April. The upper two levels of the programme, which is new to the New Zealand market, will be tied to revenue commitments, says Anna Soriano, Wyse’s director of APAC channel sales and marketing.

Are you a preventer of information services?

A 12 March post on Boing Boing, the most-read English language blog in the world, revisits a topic of considerable personal interest. Speculative fiction writer and star blogger Cory Doctorow has an article in the latest Harvard Business Review (‘The High Priests of IT — And the Heretics’) about the ongoing war between corporate IT and employees, relating to IT’s attempts to lock down desktops, supposedly to insure against security breaches.

Online ad spend defies downturn

The latest IAB Insight Report, for 2008, shows 43 percent growth in interactive (online) advertising in New Zealand compared with 2007. Spending increased from $135.16 million to $193.15 million according to the report, which was released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau of New Zealand and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Enterprise IT analyses, then integrates

Most cash-strapped SMEs know the pain of implementing new systems in a constantly changing environment. Last year a management buyout of Computer Brokers (now Lexel Systems) by the CEO and board of services provider Enterprise IT, was only the first step in the path from manual processes to web-based systems automation.

Local channel presence appeals to vendors

Specialist IT distributor Packet Technologies (Pactec) is offering offshore vendors channel representation, without them having to establish an expensive local presence. Pactec says its go-to-market model helps offshore vendors address what it claims is a challenge for local resellers: they often don’t have the time and resources to promote all of their products to customers.

With shrinking margins, is selling PCs just a volume game?

When even PC vendors with efficient supply chains fail to sustain profitability you know something is amiss. Late last year Dell announced that, in spite of increased revenue, its profits are declining. General manager of Dell New Zealand, Deborah Harrigan, says while she would like to offer more detail, she cannot comment on margins or profitability.