Stories by Bob Violino

Securing the edge: 5 best practices

Considering how much is at stake in terms of data and infrastructure exposure, companies looking to take advantage of edge computing’s promise will need to take steps to mitigate the risks.

Enterprise apps get social

Social media mania is having a huge impact on traditional business applications. Companies that are leveraging this trend are seeing significant benefits, including collaboration and data sharing in ways they've not experienced before.

SaaS working group up and running

The Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) launched a Security as a Service working group at the RSA conference in February, to help organizations evaluate and implement security solutions provided via the SaaS model.

Ernst & Young joins Cloud Security Alliance

Ernst &amp; Young has joined the <a href="">Cloud Security Alliance (CSA)</a>, a non-profit organization that promotes the use of best practices for providing security assurance within cloud computing.