Stories by Tom Krazit

First Intel-based Macs unveiled

Apple has introduced its first computers that run on Intel’s latest processor, six months ahead of the schedule it outlined last year.

Sun hopes to rise again with Niagara

Sun Microsystems will try to convince legions of users who have switched to low-cost Windows and Linux x86 hardware for Web serving to switch back to the company's forthcoming UltraSparc T1 servers.

Four core Opterons by 2007

AMD will introduce a new core design in 2007 that is similar to the core used by the company's Opteron and Athlon 64 processors, said Phil Hester, vice president and chief technology officer at AMD.

Intel unwraps dual-core Xeon server processors

Intel's first dual-core Xeon server processor is around 50 percent more powerful than its single-core predecessor, but it will cost around 40 percent more than that chip, company executives said Monday.

IDC: 2005 PC shipments improving

PC makers aren't enjoying as much growth as last year, but market researcher IDC says shipments in 2005 should finish well above expectations for the year.

Itanium gets an update ahead of dual-core debut

Intel plans to improve the speed of the front-side bus on its high-end Itanium 2 processor next week, in preparation for the launch of its first dual-core Itanium processors, according to sources familiar with the company's plans.

HP rolls Turion into updated notebook product line

Hewlett-Packard Co. (HP) updated its slate of consumer notebooks on Tuesday, bringing Advanced Micro Devices' (AMD's) Turion mobile processor to several models ahead of one of the more important PC-buying periods.

PalmOne makes the LifeDrive official

After weeks of leaked details popping up on Web sites, PalmOne Inc. is expected to formally announce the LifeDrive Mobile Manager handheld on Wednesday to solve what it sees as the growing storage problems of digital media users.

Intel shuffles structure to add focus

Intel has announced a massive reorganisation of its operating groups, creating new groups to focus on areas such as the digital home and health care, and shuffling the roles of a number of key executives.