Stories by Ephraim Schwartz

Microsoft extends software support to 10 years

Taking a page from major enterprise software providers like Oracle and SAP, Microsoft announced this week Business Ready Customer Care, an initiative that includes major enhancements to its maintenance and support program for Microsoft Dynamics, ERP and CRM, applications.

Citrix secures Xensource, launches VM solutions

Citrix Systems made a slew of product announcements this week that leverages the 18-year-old application-delivery company's technology to make it a major player in virtualisation, unified communications, regulatory compliance, and green technology.

Salesforce expands on-demand offerings

Although the major news at the Dreamforce developer conference in San Francisco this week was Visualforce , CEO Marc Benioff had a few other surprise announcements up his sleeve to keep an overflow audience interested in listening to almost all of his two-hour keynote address.

Lotus unveils weapon in UC arsenal

Reminiscent of so many software wars before it, such as the war over word processors, productivity suites, and the battle of the browsers, the latest clash is now taking place over UC (unified communications).

Leopard and Vista: Last gasp of the big OS?

Twenty yeas from now a new generation of computer users will look back on the operating systems of today with the same bemused smile we look back at the cars of the <a href="" target="_blank">late 1950s and early 60s</a>. They had huge fins, were the size of a small yacht and burned up just about as much gas. launches SAAS platform

With the announcement on Monday of Salesforce Platform Edition, finally unveiled its long-term strategy to become the sun around which revolves an infinite number of SaaS (software as a service) planets.

Google set to take on Microsoft Office

Following Google's announcement on Thursday that it would offer an enhanced version of its Google Apps, dubbed Google Apps Premier Edition, the company left no doubt about the direction in which it was heading.

Lombardi moving BPM online

The announcement last week from Lombardi Software that it will add a SaaS (software as a service) component dubbed Blueprint to its on-premises BPM suite highlights both the continuing growth of the hosted model and its limitations.