Stories by Jim Dalrymple

Led Zeppelin coming to online retailers

One of the most popular rock bands of all time will soon have its music for sale at online music retailers. <a href="">Led Zeppelin's</a> entire music catalog will be available starting on November 13, but there was no clear word whether Apple's iTunes would be among the retailers.

Apple says iPhone complies with eco standards

The iPhone meets the restrictions placed on hazardous substances, Apple said in the wake of a <a href="">Greenpeace report</a> published on Monday.

Germany getting the iPhone on November 9

After announcing that the <a href="">UK would get the iPhone on November 9</a> at a special event on Tuesday in London, Apple said today that it would also launch the iPhone in Germany on the same day.

Bombich unveils Carbon Copy Cloner 3

Bombich Software has updated <a href="">Carbon Copy Cloner 3</a>, a new version of the Mac to Mac cloning software. The new version features a redesigned interface and Intel compatibility among the many changes.

Apple details $100 credit for early iPhone buyers

Apple has <a href="">posted details</a> on how early adopters of its iPhone can claim their US$100 store credit. The iPhone must be activated with AT&T and it had to be purchased before August 22 in order to be eligible for the credit.

Apple fails to block free ringtones

Apple has released an update to iTunes that blocks users from creating free custom ringtones and then syncing them to an iPhone. Despite Apple's best efforts to thwart users, a workaround has already been found and posted to the Internet.

iPhone may top sales goals

UBS analyst Benjamin Reitzes said in a research note on Tuesday that Apple may sell more than 800,000 iPhones in the fourth quarter. That would top Apple's own estimates of 730,000 units for the quarter.

Apple updates iPhone software

Apple on Tuesday updated the software for its iPhone, bringing the most current version to 1.0.2. Notes accompanying the software update only say that the new version fixes bugs, but does not provide any details on what has been fixed.

Apple releases iTunes update

Apple has updated it music jukebox software, bringing the current version of iTunes to 7.3.1. According to notes provided with the update, "iTunes 7.3.1 addresses a minor problem with iTunes 7.3 accessing the iTunes Library." No other details were provided.

iPhone developer web site

Apple has launched a web site for developers of its recently released iPhone. Part of the Apple Developer Connection, the web site outlines guidelines and Safari compatibility when making applications for the iPhone.

My weekend with the iPhone

Now that it's been out for a weekend, the heavy-hyped iPhone has been in the hands of early adapters for a few days now -- including my own. After some <a href="">show-stopping activation problems</a> that were later <a href="">resolved</a>, I've been using my iPhone for 48 hours now. While my colleagues and I will be weighing in over the rest of this week with feature-by-feature reports on the iPhone -- check out what Christopher Breen had to say about <a href="">the iPhone's music and video features</a> -- here are some early impressions -- what I like and what could be improved.

Microsoft reverses Vista virtualisation

Earlier this week Microsoft had planned to allow owners of Vista Home and Home Premium to use the operating system under virtualisation on the Mac platform. However, before the announcement was even made, the company reversed the decision and said the planned change would not happen after all.

Green my Apple says Jobs

In an open letter posted to the company's website on Wednesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs outlined plans to remove toxic chemicals from its products, making "A Greener Apple."