Stories by Jonathan Seff

First Look: Western Digital WD TV

Western Digital on Monday announced the WD TV HD Media Player, a US$130 device that plays back high-definition video on a television. The WD TV HD Media Player also features audio and photo playback.

Aluminum MacBook Core 2 Duo/2GHz and 2.4GHz

In the two and half years since the first MacBook model, Apple has tweaked and improved its consumer-level laptop line three times. But the latest (fourth) version is a giant leap for the MacBook, compared to the baby steps of the earlier updates. With the latest design (both inside and out), the MacBook has become a lot more like a MacBook Pro mini.

Texas Hold’em for iPhone

I must admit that when Apple released its Texas Hold'em poker game for the iPod back in 2006, I spent many hours, iPod in hand, honing my poker skills (if nothing else, I did get to play against digital versions of some Apple executives ).