Stories by Eric Knorr

The state of cloud computing in 2020

As cloud adoption hits another growth spurt, companies are discovering the power of mixing and matching cloud services into solutions that address almost any business need.

IoT in 2020: More vital than ever

Just when we needed it most, IoT is delivering gobs of data and remote device control across almost every industry, from healthcare to agriculture.

Microsoft unveils browser-based Office apps

Surprisingly, Office Web applications run in Firefox and Safari, not just Internet Explorer. Far less shocking: You won't get Office Web apps free and clear as you do Google apps. According to Senior Communications Director Janice Kapner, the pricing details have yet to be worked out, but she expects that an advertising-supported version will be available through Office Live, with volume licensing and subscription-based options for business customers.

IBM tackles IT energy efficiency in a Big Green way

Project Big Green is IBM's sprawling initiative to increase the energy efficiency of IT. In May 2007, Big Blue announced that it would redirect no less than US$1 billion per year to Big Green, which applies both to solutions IBM offers to customers and to the company's own internal IT operations. launches SOA

With the announcement of Salesforce SOA, promises "SOA as a service". That's an awfully grandiose claim as SOA is a business-driven approach to organising an entire enterprise's software functionality, not any one vendor's technology.