Stories by Robert McMillan

Microsoft patches include a surprise

There was a little surprise buried in Microsoft's monthly security bulletins Tuesday. It turns out that Microsoft had quietly slipped out one of the February fixes, just days before its Jan. 30 Vista launch.

Microsoft fixes critical flaw in security products

Microsoft Corp. released its February <a href="">set of security updates</a> Tuesday, including critical fixes for bugs in Office and the scanning engine used by the company's security products.

Vista's top three security features

Microsoft has finally rolled its Vista operating system out the door, billing it as its most secure operating system ever, but what are the security features that will really matter to enterprise users?

Half of pirated Vista is malware

About half of the downloads claiming to be free versions of Microsoft Corp.'s Vista operating system are actually malicious Trojan horse software, security vendor DriveSentry Inc. warned Thursday.

Storm Worm worst outbreak since 2005

Malicious software that was sent out in millions of spam messages over the weekend has now infected about 300,000 computers, making it the worst malware outbreak since 2005 .