Stories by Mathew Honan

That's just plain Apple to you

Don't call it a computer company. Speaking at Macworld Expo Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple is dropping the word "Computer" from its name to become "Apple Inc."

Apple unveils Intel-powered Mac minis

The Mac mini became the latest Apple offering to make the transition to Intel-built processors Tuesday, as Apple announced two new versions of the slimmed-down desktop. Apple claims the new systems deliver performance up to four times faster than predecessors.

Microsoft, Apple ink new agreement

Microsoft and Apple announced at the Macworld Expo in San Francisco that the companies have signed a new technology agreement that will last for at least another five years. The agreement that Microsoft will continue to make Office and Apple will share any new technologies to help with the development.

Apple launches iPod 101 site

The iPod has meant big business for Apple - US$1.2 billion in revenue in the last quarter alone. And the company clearly intends to keep its flagship music player in the public eye, launching a new online guide and support site aimed at iPod owners.