Stories by Robert Mullins

Dell exec: Rumors of the death of the PC are greatly exaggerated

Those focused on the two 10-inch tablets Dell previewed at a launch event in San Francisco on Tuesday were missing the point. At the event, Dell released a massive number of new products to help the enterprise better cope with the onslaught of consumer technologies entering the workplace.

San Diego fires hit Qualcomm

Qualcomm is a big player in the mobile industry and the CTIA Wireless I.T. & Entertainment 2007 is a key event for it to attend, but that means little during a week when fire is threatening the San Diego area where the company is based.

Sun’s new servers powered for virtualisation

Sun is introducing new rack and blade servers Tuesday running its UltraSPARC T2 processors, pitching them as ideal for virtualisation and energy efficiency. And Sun is developing a software suite that it says can virtualise both competitors' systems and its own.

Hot Chips 08 semiconductor forum at Stamford

The annual Hot Chips forum on semiconductor research, beginning Monday (US time) at Stanford University, usually draws industry leaders like IBM, Intel and AMD, but also new companies with ambitions to take on the big firms.

VMware benchmark tool raises fairness questions

VMware is making a free benchmarking tool available to IT professionals to evaluate the performance of virtualisation technology in their datacentres. At the same time, it is seeking to assure competitors that the benchmarking standards will be fair to all of them.

Red Hat profit rises on 42 percent revenue hike

The introduction of a new version of its Linux distribution and new JBoss software helped Red Hat increase profit to US$16.2 million, or US$0.08 a share, on revenue of US$118.9 million, in its fiscal first quarter ended May 31, the company reported Wednesday.

Nvidia expands into chips

Nvidia, known for graphics processors designed for video gaming, is expanding into the market for high-performance computing processors.