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Google chief eyes healthcare tech bounty

By Reuters | 23 January, 2020 09:29

Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Alphabet and its Google subsidiary, has said that healthcare offers the biggest potential over the next five to 10 years for using artificial intelligence to improve outcomes.

How do Big Tech's carbon pledges stack up?

By Reuters | 17 January, 2020 12:24

​Microsoft has said would take out of the atmosphere as much carbon as the company had ever produced, joining US tech giants in setting ambitious goals for combating climate change.

McAfee hires new CEO

By Reuters | 17 January, 2020 09:14

McAfee has hired Peter Leav, the former CEO of BMC Software, as its new CEO.

Microsoft tackles carbon footprint

By Reuters | 17 January, 2020 09:06

​Microsoft has set a new ambition among Fortune 500 companies in addressing climate change, pledging to remove as much carbon as it has emitted in its 45-year history.