Stories by Peter Sayer

Skype's 'perfect storm' outage

The situation that prevented millions of people from accessing Skype's internet telephony service late last week was a "perfect storm" and should not reoccur, the company said on Tuesday.

IBM sets sights on Watchfire

IBM liked Watchfire's web application security software so much it plans to buy the company for an undisclosed sum, it said yesterday.

Adobe upgrades Acrobat 3D Version 8

Adobe Systems has boosted its Adobe Acrobat 3D software for incorporating 3D CAD models in PDF files, adding the ability to mark up the images with product manufacturing information such as dimensions and tolerances. The update also allows the exporting of such data from the PDF file into formats, such as STEP and IGES, used by manufacturing tools.

IBM and reconcile over patents has paid IBM an undisclosed amount of money to settle all outstanding patent lawsuits between the two companies. They have also agreed to a long-term patent cross-licencing agreement, giving Amazon access to IBM's patents on web technology, the vendors say.

Apple and Apple sing in tune

Apple., the computer and digital music company, has bought rights to all "Apple" trademarks from Apple Corps the record company set up by The Beatles, ending a long-running trademark dispute between the two. However, there was no word on whether Apple will soon begin selling The Beatles' music through its iTunes Store.

Flat screens outsell tubes in Europe

Despite a fall in demand for flat-panel televisions in Europe, liquid-crystal display (LCD) models outsold old-fashioned "tube" televisions for the first time there during the third quarter.

IBM's single sign-on tool for SMEs

IBM has added a new single sign-on tool to its Tivoli software range to assist small and medium-size enterprises (SMEs) to link their web sites with those of partners and customers.

Software joins food and phones in UK supermarkets

UK supermarket chain Tesco is to launch six PC software applications under its own brand, including a word processor and antivirus software, later this month. The software packages will sell for under £20 (around NZ$55), and will include free online support via email.

Skype VoiP opens for business

Skype is working to make its Internet telephony service more enterprise friendly, and expects to introduce a beta version of its software with support for enterprise management functions within weeks.