Stories by Jon Brodkin

Vista power consumption reduced with new product

Technology for reducing the energy consumption of computers running Windows Vista is hitting the market, with a product from power-management software vendor 1E that centralizes and automates the PC shutdown process.

Oracle’s 10 acquisitions in 2007

Oracle's offer to purchase BEA Systems for US$6.7 billion would be the company's 10th acquisition in 2007. Here's a look at each purchase and what it means for Oracle, one of the industry's dominant applications vendor. (Unless otherwise noted, financial details of the acquisitions were not disclosed.)

Oracle's less secretive approach to security

<a href="">Oracle</a> Tuesday fixed 45 <a href="">security</a> flaws in its <a href="">database</a> and application products, many of which could be remotely exploited by hackers without a username or password.

Cisco co-founder has optical network startup

Cisco co-founder Len Bosack is launching a company that claims it will bring &quot;fundamental change to worldwide telecommunications&quot; with an optical transport system allowing IT departments to easily and quickly deploy in-house metropolitan optical networks that make efficient use of space and power.

Gartner blasts iPhone

The analyst firm Gartner will tell IT executives to keep Apple's iPhone away from their networks, in a research report to be released within a week.

IBM: Informix database alive and kicking

IBM released an upgraded version of its Informix database server, promising to give global data centers &quot;mainframe-like continuous availability and disaster recovery capabilities.&quot;

Red Hat joins forces with SOA vendor

SOA Software, a vendor of security, management and governance products for services-oriented architectures, is partnering with Red Hat to make its products available with JBoss open source middleware.

Restricting use of internet, IM at work

A vendor that makes software to protect children from online predators has developed a product for small and midsize businesses that lets management monitor and restrict employee use of instant messaging and the internet.

SOA deluge from IBM, Sun, Infor and Vitria

Vitria Technology and CA have released service-oriented architecture software products aimed at letting customers more easily monitor and fix problems that occur in an SOA environment.

Google's revenue climbs 67 percent

Google reported revenue of US$3.21 billion in the quarter ending December 31, 2006, an increase of 67 percent over the same period in 2005. Google officials say they have been able to increase revenue while showing fewer advertisements per search.