Stories by Jon Brodkin

IBM unveils new software, services for smartphones

IBM is introducing a new services offering to help customers deploy mobile technologies, and releasing software that makes it easier to monitor business activities and access mainframe applications on a smartphone.

EMC revamps content management platform

EMC is upgrading its Documentum enterprise content management platform with several Web 2.0 tools and a software server designed to improve performance of "mass-volume applications" including archiving and transactional content systems.

Five storage strategies that will save you money

Storage costs eat up at least 11 percent of IT hardware budgets, but there are plenty of ways to save money without sacrificing performance or security. In a new report called "Five Key Storage Strategies for a Down Economy," Forrester analyst Andrew Reichman provides a road map for smart purchasing and maximizing the resources you already have. Here's a summary.

Most IT shops snubbing blogs, wikis, RSS

The business potential of social-networking Web sites and various Web 2.0 technologies remains largely untapped, according to separate reports released by the analyst firms Forrester Research and Gartner on Thursday.

AMD quad-core processors now in Sun servers

<a href="">Sun</a> on Tuesday released eight servers powered by AMD's <a href="">new quad-core</a> Opteron processor, giving AMD's long-awaited  Barcelona chip a stronger foothold in the <a href="">quad-core market.</a>  

Vendors hype new Fibre Channel over Ethernet tech

<a href="">Storage</a> vendors hyped up-and-coming <a href="">Fibre Channel over Ethernet</a> technologies at the <a href="">Storage Networking World</a> trade show this week, revealing a glimpse at products that will start flooding the market in a year or two.

HP unveils eight-socket, quad-core server

HP is releasing an eight-socket x86 server using quad-core AMD Opteron processors, which it says is ideal for large virtualization and consolidation projects that can take advantage of extra cores and greater processing power and memory.

Standout 2008 IT deals set to make a difference

Technology mergers and acquisitions have soared since 2002, with buyers worldwide spending US$1.2 trillion to acquire nearly 14,000 companies in hardware, software and telecommunications, according to The 451 Group  and its mergers and acquisitions KnowledgeBase, a database of technology deals. Technology and telecom acquisitions in 2006 totaled $409 billion -- more than similar deals of 2002, 2003 and 2004 combined. In the first quarter this year, 20 deals exceeded $1 billion, while just 10 did so in last year's first quarter. But the most significant deals aren't necessarily the most expensive. Here are three technology mergers whose resulting products promise to have lasting influence in the enterprise.