Stories by Jon Brodkin

Google, VMware argue over private clouds

Google and VMware are clashing over private clouds, and the question of whether customers benefit more from building highly virtualized data centers inside their own firewalls or from outsourcing IT needs to public cloud providers such as Google and Amazon.

VMware aims to merge private and public clouds

<a href="">VMware</a> customers will soon be able to connect their private data centers to storage and processing pools provided externally by cloud vendors, and manage internal and external resources from within the same software console, the company is announcing Tuesday as it kicks off the <a href=" conference">VMworld Europe</a>.

Citrix invests in desktop virtualisation startup

Citrix has spent the past year and a half redefining itself as a virtualization company, first purchasing the desktop and server virtualization vendor XenSource and then placing the "Xen" name on its flagship application delivery software to reflect a focus on virtualization.

Forrester slashes IT spending forecast

The economic downturn has led to a sharp reduction in forecasts of IT spending. Forrester Research, after predicting 6.1 percent growth in US purchases of IT goods and services as recently as August, now says that spending growth in 2009 will be just 1.6 percent.

IBM buy targets server consolidation

IBM plans to acquire virtualization vendor Transitive Corporation, whose software lets applications run on multiple platforms even if they were designed for a single type of microprocessor and operating system.

VMware partners demonstrate VMsafe prototypes

A major VMware security initiative announced more than six months ago has still not resulted in any new products, but VMware and partners this week are demonstrating several prototypes of technology that will better secure virtual machines.

EMC, IBM and Microsoft to interoperate

EMC, IBM and Microsoft have teamed up to develop a specification that will let content management systems from different vendors interact, providing greater flexibility for enterprise customers.

Citrix puts virtualisation spin on flagship software

Citrix Monday is unveiling the newest version of its flagship product, which underwent a recent name change as Citrix tries to align its traditional application delivery tools with its new desktop and server virtualization technology.

IBM's XIV storage unveiled

IBM has quietly released the first technology from its acquisition of XIV, the Israeli grid storage start-up headed by a former EMC guru, but the product appears to lack some high-end features and is targeted at only a very limited set of customers.